Monday, July 02, 2007

guilt and a short attention span

so i did not work on the quilt. in fact, i actually made backwards progress (unprogress? deprogress? generally stupid suckiness?) i attempted to sew 3 blocks together and somehow managed to sew the middle one upside down. i need to rip that out and i also need to trim the blocks before i stitch them together, as they weren't lining up properly.

instead, i started making a granny square pillow from some leftover sock yarn. i'm using an E hook and only fingering or sport weight yarns.
Granny Square Pillow
the plan is to make two throw pillows for my couch. at least it's not another afghan.
Spicy's Wick Socks, Take 3
this is my third attempt at spicy's wick socks. knitting on #3s was just too stiff and uncomfortable, so i ripped them out and started over on #4 bamboo dpns. i'm knitting the toe-up short row heel pattern from Summer IK, 2007. i'm only doing one at a time because i don't have a #4 circ long enough for magic loop. i'm almost finished with sock #1. i just need to do the cuff ribbing. i really hope this version works out, because spicy asked me again what is going on with his socks. *pained face* who could've guessed that it would take so long to knit a pair of stockinette anklets?


  1. Yeah that Wick. It seems everyone says it takes some getting used to. But they should go fast now!

  2. You pillow covers are so cute. You can make a granny square look good!


  3. I've made three socks from the IK toe up pattern. Not three pairs - just three - all in different yarns. Sigh. I haven't tried the Wick. But I'd like too. I've been enjoying all of the fun crochet work you're doing!

  4. I love granny squares. Someday I'm going to learn how to make them myself.
    The socks are the best color of blue. I have some Wick too, I'm going to make those fishnet stockings from the Lingerie book.

  5. Beautiful pillow cover! I wish my crochet skills were good enough for something like that. It's a good way to take a break from the quilt!

  6. I like the granny square cover - great idea for using up yarn!

  7. The granny squares are gorgeous with the leftover sock yarns. I love them. And the sock is turning out just great.........perfect knitting!



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