Tuesday, July 24, 2007

dude, i made yarn

i got spin to knit through interlibrary loan. it is proving to be much more helpful than the other books i was looking at. i might actually be able to understand the process a little better instead of trial and error guessing. and that's a very good thing, considering this is what guessing gets me:
My First Handspun
my first skein of handspun! i got some wool fiber with my wheel. i don't know what it is, other than "yellow-orange wool." this skein is mostly wool corkscrew goo, but towards the end it was looking more like actual yarn.
Wensleydale top, 3.5 oz
this is my second attempt at handspinning. it's 3.5 oz of wensleydale top that i got from bronwyn an age ago. i forgot to measure the yardage. i'm thinking it may be possible to knit with this, though it is still mighty curly. the colors are much prettier than they look in the picture. the weather here has turned all gloomy.

i'm really looking forward to reading the book more and then making another attempt once i get my brown sheep mill ends in the mail.

no knitting. but you knew that.


  1. Nice job! Man, I so need to learn how to spin.

  2. Love the colours in the wensleydale.

  3. What you have looks great!

  4. The second pic looks like Noro to me! You're off to a good start.

  5. brittany - the fiber was from "the fiber denn" which is local... but they also have an etsy shop. She does beautiful colors!



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