Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a bit annoyed, frankly

perhaps i should preface it all by saying that i think i'm getting a cold. i feel like poo right now and i'm cranky.

i've had some work related stress and not a lot of free time this summer. i would like to take that time to work on things that make me happy. i finished spicy's first sock yesterday and he tried it on. and it didn't fit him exactly 100% perfect, so i told him i'd rip it and fit it to his specifications. and then he started getting all bitchy again about how long it was taking me to finish, and how i really "owe" him the socks as he'd "paid" for them ages ago. the "payment" he is referring to is that he gave me $30 in quarters b/c i pay for laundry while he does not, and he works at a job where he ends up with a lot of them. i told him that his "payment" really only covered one sock, and he could take it if he wanted, and then he went off on this dissertation about how my material costs and labor don't really count, because i should be comparing my socks to market value, and therefore he has way overpaid me, blah blah blah.

and although it was all said in jest, it really did kind of piss me off. it definitely robbed me of whatever was left of my interest in completing the socks. i wasn't exactly having a thrilling time with them in the first place, and now that i have to rip them AGAIN for the FOURTH time...

and on top of that, he made fun of me for wanting to celebrate my birthday. he is very against birthdays and he said that if he'd known that i was so into them, he'd have thought twice about what he was getting into. all because i asked him if he could take one day off work to hang out with me and my friends, as my birthday is ever so conveniently on a saturday this year. he said he *might* be able to get out of work early, but no promises. so i've decided not to complete the lizard ridge that i was going to make him for his birthday. i don't need the guilt of 8 million blankets in progress, especially now that i'm learning to quilt. plus that means i've gained 3 bags of noro silk garden that i can use on someone who will truly appreciate it--Me. and think how pretty it could look in this skirt.

oh, and guess who gave me the cold?

i am really grouchy today. but honestly.


  1. I can see why. Have a very happy birthday!

  2. Seriously? I'd give him $30 and keep the sock yarn for yourself. In addition to the Silk Garden. I mean, some people get it, and some people don't... even if it was a joke, how can he judge the market value of a hand-knit sock that was re-made FOUR TIMES to be absolutely perfect?? :P

  3. I have an aggravating "Spicy" in my life too. His name is Mr. Mag and he's the most wonderful/sometime-shithead in the world. He can get into the most pedantic nonsense that he thinks is hilarious and just irks the heck out of me. I can do it too, (the pedantic or mock contentious banter is sometimes fun,) but not when I'm down, in pain or sick. So I empathize. Think of his wonderful qualities and remember the male is wired just a tiny bit different than the female, with both excellent and heinous results for our relations with them. I wish you a quick recovery from the summer cold.

  4. You poor thing!

    Maybe you can pay Spicy back by just putting $30 in quarters into a sweatsock ala Jay and Silent Bob.


  5. *pats hand, pat pat*

    3 bags of Noro sounds like you are definitely getting the better end of the deal here. If he wants the socks so bad, he can learn to knit. That'll teach him something about the value of a sock.

  6. Sorry to hear about the sock not fitting. :( From what you've said, this person doesn't seem to be a nice one and he shouldn't be putting you down or making you feel like crap. You make such awesome stuff!

  7. I knew what skirt you meant before I clicked the link. It'll be perfect for all of that silk garden.

    Market value my ass. Get with the program here, Spicy.

    Hope your cold is a mild one.

  8. People really don't understand how much work goes into handmade items. That skirt is going to look awesome!

    I hope you get over your cold soon.

  9. If Hubster went on about the socks I owe him from Valentine's Day (which I haven't even gotten the yarn for, let alone started) and THEN said my materials cost and labor didn't count - even in jest - he'd lose an appendage. And freeze in hell with cold feet before he got the socks at all.

    Hope you feel better!

  10. eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww mean man.
    Just concentrate on knitting something you like and that will make you feel better. Not his socks. For me personally I would never knit his socks... ever.

  11. Dude, that's total crap. Who cares if he doesn't believe in birthdays? It's what you believe in. I'm annoyed on your behalf. :) Anyway, I hope you have a fab birthday and enjoy yourself regardless. :)

  12. Oh! You should give him a knuckle sandwich for his birthday and then tell him to compare that to market value since you cooked it custom and the price for a personal chef is through the roof right now and that $30 in quarters doesn't even cover your cost let alone labor of said knuckle sandwich.

  13. Whether or not he "believes" in birthdays, he should be celebrating it with you, because it matters to you. Imagine if we just blew off whatever was important to them, just because it didn't matter to US? *hug* Have a happy birthday and try to focus on the good things going on in your life right now.

    I am looking forward to seeing lizard ridge in silk garden..!



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