Friday, July 06, 2007

Back from the dead

well, sort of. i'm back at work anyway. worst. holiday. EVER. i couldn't sleep because i was either snozzing all over the place or simply unable to breathe. thursday morning i called in to work after getting not more than 30 minutes of sleep at a time, but last night i was finally able to get some rest. i still don't feel 100% and i look like shit, but i'm here.

you guys crack me up with your comments. i've had time to look at the big picture, and i'm not so angry anymore. spicy does many wonderful things for me, and i shouldn't let one stupid joke get to me. he went to the store and brought me orange juice and cat litter because i was too weak to do it myself. he is certainly deserving of a pair of handknit socks, all snide comments aside. and as far as my birthday goes, i'm letting it go for now. my birthday isn't for two more weeks. if he decides not to participate, i'll just have fun without him. i've managed to do ok for 26 birthdays before this--one more won't kill me. and besides, the last harry potter comes out on my birthday, so someone will probably have to tear me away from the book to go out and be social anyway.

but enough of that. a pair of finished wick socks, men's size 9, one at a time, #4 bamboo dpns with 2 skeins of k1c2 wick. pattern is the toe-up short-row heel "on your toes" from summer IK 2007. i knit the 44 stitch version. i'm not crazy about the YO short row heel, but it gets the job done.
Wick socks finally finished
i had some issues with this yarn. it was hard to get a feel for because of the thickness and the squooshiness. my first attempt using the widdershins pattern was too large, so i ripped and cast on fewer stitches. attempt #2 was ripped because the fabric was too dense on #3 addi turbos. i started over on #4s with the IK pattern. i finished one sock and had spicy try it on, and then i had to rip back attempt #3 because the cuff was 1/4 inch too short (i'm not exaggerating) and because the ribbing was too loose. so i decreased 4 stitches before the cuff and switched from 1x1 ribbing to 2x2, ktbl. he seems to be ok with these. i told him it was satisfaction guaranteed with a lifetime warranty, so he's getting his money's worth. i really hope he doesn't bring them back though, at least not for a year or so. the yarn felt very strange to work with--i'm not too eager to use it again. spicy says that he wants more summer anklets, but they don't have to be as "fancy" as these (?). he's searching for the ideal pair, and he thinks i can do it, but i think i'm going to take a nice long break before i give it another go.

since i spent two days without sleeping, i had to keep myself busy. i finished my quilt top and backing.
Outside the Box Quilt top
it's by no means perfect, but i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. i just need to get some safety pins so i can baste it. i also have to figure out how i want to quilt it. i definitely want to go with something simple for my first time out, but i'm not exactly sure what that should be.

and finally i must say, "RIP, Lizard Ridge." i still want to make it someday, but i realized that i prefer the more colorful versions that i've seen. plus, spicy told me after i had started it that he doesn't really need more blankets (who doesn't need more blankets?) so i'll probably be better off making him something else. like 800 pairs of perfect summer anklets, or some such thing. so instead, i started the Fit n Flare trumpet skirt.
Trumpet skirt from Knitting Lingerie Style
i had some gauge issues. i like the drape of the fabric i was getting on size #9 denise circs, but it was looser than specified, so i had to cut out 16 stitches from the smallest size in order to get the right fit. i'm using color #247. i think i will use one of the other bags to make a lady eleanor entrelac stole and the final bag to make a sweater. i really like silk garden, so i'm happy with the choice that i made. and it is a relief to have one less blanket in progress.

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  1. uh, yum! i love how the quilt top looks! gorgeous.

  2. The skirt looks great so far! And I hope those socks last Spicy a good long while.

  3. Pretty socks, and that quilt is very impressive. It doesn't look like a first quilting attempt, it looks gorgeous!

    And that's going to be a great skirt. Too bad Lizard Ridge didn't work out, but something good is clearly coming out of this. I bet you'll have a lot of leftover yarn, though!

  4. At least Spicy wants summer anklets and not knee-length hose, right? When you get around to the next pair, just pick a fiber you like and he can pick the color.

    The quilt top looks fabulous. With my beginner quilt, we used a spray adhesive rather than basting with pins which is a very good thing given how much shoving I do to maneuver it into the machine. I'm just doing a shadow technique where I follow the outlines which is simple and looks good--this would probably also work for yours, if you wanted something that simple.

  5. Good job on the socks and the quilt. I can't believe how quickly you finished that quilt top!

  6. The quilt looks fab!

    It's good to let go of grudges. After you make them pay. Bahahahaha! ;) The "fancy" part made me laugh - so maybe for the next pair you can just tape the skeins to his feet. ;)

    Interesting feedback on the Wick. I'm still dying to try it, but will keep the funny feel factor in mind.

  7. Very nice quilt! I love it!



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