Sunday, July 08, 2007


Fit N Flare Trumpet Skirt
this skirt practically knit itself. Fit N Flare Trumpet Skirt from Knitting Lingerie Style, 5 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, color #247. #9 denise circs at 4 stitches per inch.

Because my gauge was different, i cast on 16 fewer stitches than the smallest size to get a 30" waist. i also adjusted for length by starting the increases at 14" and stopping when i had 40 stitches between markers. this pattern is very easy to customize and adjust due to top-down construction and a simple pattern repeat. i would definitely consider making it again maybe with purl columns and seed stitch borders. i did the elastic casing a little differently. i crocheted two chains about 20" long and machine sewed them onto the elastic, then threaded the whole thing through the casing.

at first i wasn't confident that i'd like the end result, because other trumpet skirts that i've tried on in woven fabrics looked horrible on me--probably because of the stiffness and also they were too long. but the more i wear this skirt, the more i really like it. it most definitely hugs your curves and i love the swishiness at the bottom. if you didn't want it to be so form fitting up top, i think you could start the increases earlier and knit the inc row every inch or so and then more frequently as you got towards the bottom.

Granny Square Pillow
i also finished my granny square pillow. i used the basic granny square pattern from the encyclopedia of knitting and crochet stitches and an E hook. all yarns are sock yarn leftovers in fingering and sport weight. i used slip stitch crochet seams around and left the bottom open. i sewed two buttons for closure, so i can remove the cover and wash when i need to. i have another pillow and enough leftovers probably to make an afghan, but this one will do for now. i put it in my ikea chair to try to stop Wyatt from sitting in it, but you can see how well it's working.
Wyatt claims his chair

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  1. The skirt is dead sexy! I have the book, now I really want to knit this. I just hope it looks as good on me as it looks on you.

    The pillow is beautiful too. Somehow, you managed to make granny squares not old-fashioned looking. Great job.

  2. I never thought I'd ever want to knit a skirt until I saw yours--really curvy with lots of flair. Well done!

  3. Holy sh*t! You must have two knitting monkeys!

    The skirt looks GREAT!!! I'm with Mary, knit skirts frighten me, but not yours!

  4. That skirt is awesome! I love the colors! The pillow is adorable, but the kitty definately steals the show :)

  5. Wow the skirt looks fab!

  6. It IS Asstastic! Really nice! Love your grannys too! Nice way to use up those scraps and looks like you got the official kitty seal of approval

  7. That skirt looks WONDERFUL!This is the first thing I want to knit from the book!

  8. I would not have thought I would actually like a knit skirt, but that came out adorable. It's a great shape for you.

  9. Wow - that skirt may have changed my mind about knitting below the belt! (Socks aside, of course. ;)) It looks great on you!

    Love the pillow as well! Excellent way to use up sock scraps. Hmmm, may need to learn how to crochet...

  10. That skirt looks great, and is definitely a good use of Noro. The pillow is super cute too, is it in the same room as your Babette Blanket?

  11. Have you seen this yet for your quilt?

  12. I LOVE THAT SKIRT! Thanks for explanation as well!



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