Saturday, July 21, 2007

the answers my friend...

k, this has to be a quick one, b/c apparently spicy has decided to celebrate my birthday on the actual day instead of next weekend, which is my birthday (observed).

1) What year was I born?
1980. no bad 80s baby jokes, please.

2) What do I do for a living?
graphic and web design for 2 departments at a university. you sillies---if i were a spy, i would most certainly tell you i did something else. like graphic and web design.

3) What is Spicy's real name?
don't tell him i told you. it's not jesse. his whole nickname is Spicy Jesse.
Hi, my name is Jeff.

4) What is my favorite type of food?
indian and thai. evidently that one was easy.

5) I consider myself to be a film snob, but I have a weakness for a certain genre of popular film. What is it?
zombie movies or teen flicks. most of you guessed zombie but not teen. i gots love for the cheerleaders, gymnasts, and nerds too.

6) Fill in the Blank: I am mortally afraid of ______
slugs and worms. i also would've accepted Oprah.

7) Name one of the 25 songs in my iTunes most frequently played list.
nobody got it right, but oddly, i have every song you guessed in my itunes. just not in the top 25.

8) If I ever had a child, what would I name it? (Hint: It's a really good thing I currently have no plans for children)
Sara Jesus Peterson. boy or girl. i am undecided if i should add "Jr." it's a family name.

9) One day I plan to write a universally-acclaimed award-winning book. What will be the subject of this bestseller?
i will write a book on how to exhibit appropriate behaviors in public, because so many people apparently don't know not to act like an idiot or an asshole. i will also be including all of my favorite words, perhaps as chapter titles.

10) What is my dearest ambition?
to quit the country and go live off the grid. spicy and i are still debating exactly what this means. i'm fine with making all of our textiles and he's raising the animals, and he can grow our food b/c i'm bad with plants, but do i really have to give up the internet?

i used the handy number generator, b/c all your answers were amusing. the winner of the STR is Weezalana. congrats! i'll send you an email. thanks for playing. i'm off to have fun.


  1. Happy birthday!!! Hope it is a good one.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I see the clever and handsome Mr. Spicy (codename: "Jeff") was pulling your chain about 'not' celebrating your BD! Good for him keeping you, old lady you, on your toes.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    And whoo hoo! More sock yarn! :) I think off the grid means no Internet. Unless you can fashion one out of tin cans and string...



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