Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You made a What-so?

so last weekend, while i was on my big finishing kick, i pulled out a bit o' knitting that i honestly had forgotten all about. i finished the last two pentagons and knit the collar, then blocked and sewed on a button. Now I have a finished "capecho." *shudder*
Capecho from Vogue Knitting
Pattern is from Vogue Knitting, Winter 2006/2007 in XS, on #3 addi turbos using Knitpicks Elegance in Fawn. I believe I used about 6 skeins.
Capecho back
Rather than knitting the collar then sewing it on, I attached it to the body as I knit. it's not the cleanest looking, but I think it turned out ok. pre-blocking, the fit was quite close, but the drape of elegance has now made it very floppy. i'm not sure how i feel about the bunches of fabric under the arms. i am very glad i did not knit the pattern with worsted weight yarn, as it would've turned out ginormous. fortunately i had some experience with a modular norah gaughan pattern before, so i was well aware of the oodles of ease she writes into her patterns.

i probably won't wear this much, but it was a fun exercise. the construction of the garment is interesting, and it looks impressive while being quite simple. i just don't feel that great about the finished product. it's as though this was intended to be more of a knitting challenge than a wearable garment. or maybe that's what high fashion is supposed to be. meh.

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  1. I think it looks cool, even if you end up not wearing it much. It has the coolest construction and just looks neat, like it should be part of some sort of arty gallery installation. ;) Maybe you should hang it on the wall :)

  2. Haha, I like the idea of hanging it up as well. But I also thought just now, it would look fabulous with a white dress with a very full skirt? The fluff on the bottom would help balance the extra material on the top. Or at least that is how I imagine it...

    Oh yeah, congrats on finishing it! I do like it, I think you just have to figure out the right way to rock it.

  3. It certainly looks impressive! The knitting looks very intricate and detailed, I'm surprised it was simple!

    When you do wear it, I would go with slim pants/skirts (general fashion guideline - when you have something with a lot of ease on one end, you want to keep the other more snug).

  4. Gosh, you've been busy! It's a very interesting piece, and even if you don't hang it on the wall you should try wearing it *to* an art gallery.

  5. It'll probably look better if you wear it over a bulky yet close-fitting wook turtleneck!

  6. It's so complex you could call it your practise 'sampler'. Like those samplers they had girls make in schools about 100 or so years ago, sort of their final exam in hand-stitching? They had no real use except as examples of the girl's mastery of the needle.
    They were often framed and hung on the wall as decor. They go for a pretty penny now days, if you can find them.

  7. I think it is cool looking. Really impressive. I agree with everyone else, you should either try to display it or figure out a great outfit for it--I think you could make it work.

  8. A great knitting accomplishment, and still... I don't "get it"!

    (Simple black top and blackt dress pants maybe?)

  9. What if you put a second button at to connect the bottom two corners in the front? I can see what you mean about the extra fabric by your arms, but from the back it looks amazing... hope you can figure out some way to wear it!! :)

  10. I think it does look a lot like art! Hanging it on the wall is a great idea!



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