Sunday, June 17, 2007

too lazy for proper post title

on friday, i decided to make my grand attempt at quilting. so i gathered some scraps and whipped out this set of coasters.
my first attempt at quilting
i had a few issues. namely, that although i calculated my seam allowances correctly, i got all freaked out when my log cabin pieces weren't lining up and i ended up trimming off the outer edges which were supposed to be my seam allowances for the border. oops. so i ended up having to put a binding on the coasters. and as you can see, i have no skills in this area. i might try again soon, but without the screwups. i did have fun quilting the pieces, but i can definitely tell that my machine would not be able to handle an actual quilt. practice is good though--maybe i'll graduate to a throw pillow before trying out anything for reals.
coaster backs
i also finished my surplice bodice camisole. i knit the XS on #7 denise circs and #6 addi turbos. i knit as written, except that i replaced the YO inc on the bust shaping with kfb and knit the lace portion in the round. i am very glad that i ripped out my curly neck edge and reknit. it looks and fits much better now.
Surplice Bodice Camisole
one issue that is totally not the fault of the pattern is that my narrow shoulders don't look good in tops with wide straps. i should try harder to remember that in the future. the yarn is 100% cotton recycled from a thrift store sweater. i ended up having one large hank of yarn leftover, so this top cost me less than $1.50. the plies were not spun tightly at all and i was constantly splitting them, but at that price i can hardly complain. the pattern was quick, easy, and fun to knit, and i'm pretty happy with out i turned out. i can't wait to make another design from the book.
Surplice Bodice Camisole back
btw, the pink ribbon apparently only exists in my head. i swore i had some, but when i dug through my ribbon stash (yes sadly, there is such a thing as a ribbon stash) there was no pinky goodness there. so white it will be til i find another reason to pick up some pink ribbon.
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  1. That's looking good for first quilting! I really like the bright colors and bold patterns. Keep up the good work.

    The top is very pretty, and now that you've ripped out the curling, it fits like a dream. No more saggy front, yay!

  2. Very cute top! The coasters remind me of a wall hanging I made when I was first learning to quilt... it's not my best work, but still one of my favorite FO's. I hope you enjoy your coasters as much!

  3. Nice looking coasters! Binding is a pain! Your top is really cute on you! What a yarn score too! :)

  4. Isn't it fun to put the fabric together and pick what goes next to what? I love the red and black and the fun pepper backing!
    The camisole is gorgeous!

  5. The cami looks great! What happened to the pink ribbon though? I also found the wide straps to be a bit too wide, and I have linebacker shoulders (or so I always thought).

  6. That top is gorgeous. I love the color so much.

  7. OK, you need a primer on how to mitre your corners. Those quilted coasters could be perfect if you redid the binding, mitered the corners, sewed one side, wrong sides together like a regular seam and then pressed them over, basted them and then sewed them down, carefully. Or not. They are just swatches of quilting anyway!
    The top is great. Well done!
    Here's something to consider next time you're making a sleeveless top pattern with one of those 'solid' wide backs with no strap or neckline action. You can make your back exactly like your front, minus any bust shaping. A vee back would be extremely flattering on you, and that top could be made just that way, or just make up a vee back as you go.
    You are a knitting whiz! That is that recycled yarn from last week?!?

  8. I was gonna help you on the binding but I noticed Magartha yadda'd it pretty good, so I will shut up.

    Suggestions for machine quilting:

    figure out how to lengthen your stitch length
    and you can also drop your feed teeth down to allow more room for thicker fabric.

    Great first time by the way!

  9. The bodice you made has turned into me buying it from Amazon, *sigh*, another book of patterns that I just HAVE to make!

  10. That looks really good! Ran across your blog from the Knitting Lingerie Yahoo KAL.




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