Friday, June 22, 2007

today's future project that may never get made

i think i like dreaming up new things to make more than i enjoy actually making them. anyway, i was reading through my blogs today when i found this dress on gofugyourself (just look at the dress before you start judging me).

so i spent a good chunk of time looking for a pattern that was similar, but to no avail. my coworker (the smelly one, actually) also sews, and she is the most organized sewer ever. she has a database in filemaker of her patterns. she looked at the dress i liked online, said, "i have a pattern just like that," looked it up in her database, and came up with this. it's pretty close. i would probably try to make the skirt a little fuller, maybe with pleats, and make the cap sleeves a little more cappy-like. i really want to order some of this (enough for the dress and for my non-existent quilt), but i might give it a go first with some stash fabric. i have a few freebies from my mom that might work.
Amy Butler Belle
i should really photograph my fabric stash so i can be as organized as my coworker. the reason i have such a large stash is because my mother and i both used to work at hobby lobby, and we would get 60-80% off plus our employee discount on clearance fabric. and then my mom stopped sewing, so she gave most of her stash to me. in some cases, i have almost a whole bolt of fabric with no clue what to do with it. and then there's the fabrics that sit unused because they are too pretty to cut. and here i want to buy more. i'm hopeless.


  1. Very cute. I am the exact same way about planning projects. I think it's called "Projectplanitis" and it's defined by planning out a project in great detail and buying the supplies, but then losing interest, sometimes without even starting it. The only cure for Projectplanitis (PP) is to disconnect the internet and tv, cancel all magazine subscriptions and never leave the house.

  2. That dress is really cute! Hey, if you've got the fabric lying around, why not give it a first run from the stash? That way you don't have to wait.

  3. That dress is very cute. Go through your stash and see if anything looks like it might work. It's cute enough, you'll want one in more than one color or pattern!

  4. I love that utility quilt idea......its awesome and beautiful. Do it! Do it! I have got to start sewing and get that book about the quilts cause I want one too for my picnics.:)

  5. Yes, there totally needs to be a Ravelry for sewing too. Sewerly??? (Hm, that sounds too much like sewer--the poo kind)

    That's a gorgeous dress. And that pattern is nearly spot on!

  6. I like the dress. Will you be including pockets? Rachel Weitz's has pockets too! Haha.

  7. I plan trips that way. I collect advise all around, set up the schedule and plan the budget and then I never go.
    Peeps ask me, hey did you like your trip to Tahiti, where's the pictures? And I say, 'Huh? Oh that, uh, I didn't end up going."

    My current imaginary trip is to the Greek island, Santorini. Also know as the lost city of Atlantis.



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