Friday, June 01, 2007

Peering through the bars at freedom

this morning, i knit two whole rows on my dad's gentleman's fancy socks. i believe that i have 6 more rows of k2, p2, then another pattern repeat of k 2 rows, p2,k2 for 8 rows, k 2 rows, then k2,p2 for 8 rows and then i will be DONE with the cuff. hallelujah! ok, so then i have to knit the heel and a man's 10.5 foot. i suppose that is nothing to shake a stick at. the point is, my endless hell of circling the 2x2 ribbing drain is almost to a close.

it's so unfair. i keep seeing monkey socks everywhere i turn. cute, quick-knitting, non-boring monkey socks.
Conversation Hearts skeined
soon, my pretty. soon, you and i shall be together.


  1. That is some pretty yarn!

    I'm about to start a pair of 2 by 2 rib socks for my sister. Ugh. I may do 5/2, just to be different.

  2. I know you can just finish those blue Dad socks and get it over with and done. I have yarn to do Monkeys too, I think maybe I might stop putting them off for some other time. That pattern might be just the thing to end my apathetic knitting slump.

  3. Mmm...conversation monkey socks! Chattering monkeys perhaps?

  4. soooo pretty! can't wait to see them knit up!

  5. Oh...isn't that your handyed? Monkey's will be perfect in that!

  6. The yarn looks fantastic! Can't wait for the Monkeys to arrive!



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