Monday, June 18, 2007

making peace with the pooling

so i started two new projects. i cast on spicy's wick socks. i'm doing modified widdershins on 50 stitches with #3 addi turbos. i used my standard toe rather than the round toe in the pattern. i can't work on these for very long in one sitting, as the tight gauge makes my hands hurt. also, the yarn is slippery and feels a little weird to work with.
Spicy's wick socks
my alternative project is Icarus from Interweave Knits, also on #3 addi turbos. i'm using the Helen's Lace that i received from janet at pegotty. so far i am almost finished with the first repeat on Chart 1.
Icarus shawl
both of these projects are pooling, but i'm tentatively ok with it. the blues in the wick socks are pretty close, so at least the pooling doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. and the helen's lace was going to pool no matter what i chose to do with it, so at least on a triangular shawl the pooling will constantly change rather than pick an ugly swirling pattern and stick with it. plus, this one turned out really pretty.


  1. The Helen's Lace seems to be quite variable- I don't see any major pooling at all - In fact it looks beautiful!!

  2. I'm not seeing the pooling on the Helen's Lace piece either. But then, I actually like a certain amount of pooling, and to me, both the socks and the shawl look fabulous so far.

  3. Nice to see the Helen's Lace knit up for a change. I have two skeins that I've never knit because I fear typical Lorna's pooling is in the offing. The colors are looking really good in the shawl, very encouraging. The socks look fine too. Shades of blue, just like a swimming pool.

  4. Yeah I'm on the fence about pooling too. Depends what day of the week it is!



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