Tuesday, June 19, 2007

isn't it ironic?

magatha, your idea for the surplice bodice cami is brilliant. i have no idea why i never thought of that. i won't make anyone search through the archives...her comment was,
"Here's something to consider next time you're making a sleeveless top pattern with one of those 'solid' wide backs with no strap or neckline action. You can make your back exactly like your front, minus any bust shaping. A vee back would be extremely flattering on you, and that top could be made just that way, or just make up a vee back as you go."
and you're right. v-backs do look good on me. in fact, i just so happen to be wearing a dress today that has a very wide v in the front and a more shallow v in the back, and although i have a terrible time getting the bugger to stay on my shoulders, it does indeed look very flattering, if i'm allowed to say so. i will definitely give it a go on my next sleeveless top.
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted
here's my tear shed for the demise of the destash blog. i bought this nature spun worsted on the very last day, right before they closed it. there's 1400-ish yards there, so i'm planning to dye and knit a hoodie. or maybe i'll dye 2 colors and make a couple of pullovers. or maybe i'll dye lots of colors and make felted slippers or bags. who knows? the point is i got a crapton of yarn for cheap that has many applications. all i need is for inspiration to strike.


  1. Thanks for sharing the tip, it's a goodie. I really like the surplice cami, yours is very pretty and I like it in the darker color.

  2. The destash blog has reincarnated here: destashforcash.wordpress.com. :)

    Yay for craptons of cheap yarn!

  3. :-) Yeah, those Vee backs are tough to keep on the shoulders. Sometimes I'll discreetly pin them to my bra strap. You have to be careful though, it can look weird sometimes. If I could stand Velcro, I'd use dots. but Velcro being as it is...

    I keep those type of tops and dresses on hangers by using double sided tape on the hangers. Keep them from sliding off.



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