Friday, June 15, 2007

i still knit, just not lately

Surplice bodice camisole
Progress on the surplice bodice camisole. i've knit about 6.5" of the lace pattern. i don't like the way the fronts are curling, so I think I need to rip out the garter trim and knit fewer stitches. otherwise it appears to fit well. the 100% cotton does not have the visual crispness of the linen/silk in the design photo, but i think it'll be ok. if i can scrounge up some spare moments this weekend, this one should be finished sooner rather than later.
Patons SWS in Natural Denim
Patons SWS Natural Navy
I acquired these two skeins of Paton SWS in a trade with Aruni from the knittyboards. i plan to use all my patons sws for felting. eventually.
Spicy's Roses
and just because...Spicy knows i'm allergic to roses, so he brought me some in a jar.


  1. Huh. It's too bad it curls. If you've tried it on and it still does that, I guess you'll have to rip and knit.

  2. Like the new header! :) Very cute that he brought you roses in a jar.

  3. That cami is on my to-knit list. Cant wait to see yours!

  4. Cool, roses in a jar! Love the new header. Bummer about your top though!



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