Sunday, June 10, 2007

i didn't think i had it in me

as promised, a finished pair of Gentleman's Fancy Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks.
Gentleman's Fancy Sock
i knit an 8 inch cuff for size 10 men's foot. Fearless Fibers superwash merino in midnight, less than one skein. 2 at a time on 1 knitpicks circ, cuff-down. i followed the pattern except for the plain foot and i made the heel flap 2.5", which is shorter than specified. so the ironic thing is now that they are done and washed, i really like them. as in, my dad is lucky that they don't fit me, otherwise they might not be in the mail with his Father's Day gift. i don't like them enough to knit another pair, but i'm satisfied with these.

next, a finished cozy!
Cozy from Knitty
Pattern is from Knitty Fall 2004. i used 7 skeins of cascade indulgence, which was a delight to work with. it's deliciously soft and just a little fuzzy, but very warm. i used size 7 knitpicks circs. i added a 3 stitch garter border and knit to the specified length. i love this stole. the pattern was very simple and soothing to knit and easy to fix mistakes. this is my second cozy--my first i made for a coworker back when i was new to knitting. i've learned a lot since then, like not to use lionbrand woolease on a lace item (cringe). i'm really impressed how lovely the stole looks post-blocking.

but that's not all. i finally broke down and finished my long-forgotten anatolian mittens from Folk Mittens.
Anatolian Mittens from Folk Mittens
Ravelry has been good for me. it allows you to input start and finish dates on your projects. i started this back in July 2006. i couldn't let it reach its first birthday unfinished. thanks to the passage of time, my gauge changed and Mitten #2 was a little bigger than #1, but i was able to block them to the same size. i love the look of colorwork mittens, but i have my doubts that i'll ever make another pair. if i do, i will do two at a time on a circ, rather than use Brittany #2 dpns. i think part of my problem is that the dpns were too long to be comfortable, plus i broke a couple and had to wait for replacements. i used Briggs and Little Durasport in cream and denim. the yarn is very rough in the skein but softens nicely after a wash.

i have even more in the works that might surprise you, but for now i'll sign off.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of FOs for one weekend! And they're big ones too, not like little potholders or something! I love all of them, especially the socks.

  2. I just got the Vintage socks book. I can't wait to start something from it - maybe the Child's First socks? I love the way Ravelry is inspiring everyone!

  3. Looking good! That cozy is so pretty. Your dad is a lucky guy because those socks rock. I will wait patiently until one day I can be cool enough to join Ravelry.

  4. congrats to you! lots of FOs. :) Love the socks, cozy, and mittens! I saw the mittens on ravelry -- they really popped out at me!

  5. Holy FO finishing! They all look great! I especially love the Cozy.

  6. Excellent times three! (or is that five?) The cozy turned out wonderful! Well done!

  7. Dang, lots of FOs. They all look great--particularly the socks. Love them.

  8. Go 'head with your bad self! That's quite an FO parade! LOVE the Cozy especially :)

  9. Wow - you have been busy! I knit the Anatolian mittens last fall and gave them to my Mom for Christmas - she loved showing them off all winter - yours are beautiful in blue/white.
    I really like your Gentleman's Fancy socks too - I've been wanting to knit them for Dave, but am dreading all the K2 P2.

  10. OK... You're making us all feel inferior! Work-a-holic! :)

    Seriously though... Very well done on all of those objects, but those mittens are fabulous! I'm really impressed!

  11. Goodness gracious - where to start? they are all so fabulous. I love the socks... I haven't made this pattern yet, but it is on my list. And the Cozy is beautiful. I completely forgot about that pattern. Love the mittens too - the folk knits are always my favorites - the ones with a history! :)

  12. All such great FO's!

    Your dad is so lucky! Thqat is a great gift!

  13. All of the FO are beautiful.

    I got my invite to Raverly, and I just have to load my stash, etc.


  14. wow, way to go - I love all three!

  15. You make the awesomest stuff.



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