Tuesday, June 05, 2007

how could i say no to the man who brings me these?

More flowers from Spicy
now don't get me wrong. i like making socks for other people, especially when i know that they really appreciate them. i have built up a nice collection of handknitted socks for myself, so i really don't mind taking more time to knit socks for others. but it has gotten to the point with my mother that she asks me when i am going to make her another pair of socks every time i talk to her. and lately spicy has been putting in his request for summer ankle socks. about once a week.

so (bear with me here) this past sunday i wanted to get up early and support my man at his spring frisbee league, and then go out to lunch with our friends after. i had called him the night before asking him to pick me up before his game. Summer league started this week, so naturally i assumed that spring league finals were last sunday. why wouldn't they be? summer league was set to start the next day. spicy calls me around 10:30 and said that he just woke up. he had already missed the first half hour. he asked me to check the schedule and see if he had more than one game, because otherwise he would just skip it. i said to him, "isn't it the finals?" finals is like a mini-tournament with four games--plenty of ultimate left to play. so spicy gets up and swings by my house, griping the whole time because some major roads were closed for construction. we eventually make it to the fields, and the two of us haul our camp chairs and enough water to keep us hydrated for a whole day.

and then we got there just in time for the first game to be over. spicy asks, "when does the next game start?" and then his captain informed him that there weren't any other games, but finals were NEXT sunday at 10:00 AM. oops. when i checked the website for the schedule, i neglected to actually look at the corresponding date for the finals because i just assumed it was that day. spicy was really pissed and didn't want to go to lunch, so he just went home. he missed out on some tasty sushi.

soooo--summer ankle socks it is. i put in an order to theknitter.com and my yarn came lickety split. 2 skeins of knit one crochet two wick. i'm planning to knit widdershins (yes, again) because i really need something mind-numbingly simple after i finish the dreaded father's day socks. btw, i highly recommend theknitter--free shipping and great customer service. i also ordered size 1 addi lace circs but they are backordered right now.
K1C2 Wick
about those socks. i'm to the gusset decreases now, which also seem to be taking forever. the stitches frequently get stuck on the joins of my kp circs, which probably contributes a great deal to my frustration. combine that with the yarn being dark and hard to see, and frequent dropped stitches due to the yarn and needle slippiness, and let's just say i can't wait til they are off the needles.
Gentleman's sock progress
oh and i finished block #7.
Block #7
thank you for all of the comments on my last post. basically i will eventually go back and fix the skirts, but i just don't have the heart to do it right now. the scrap skirt won't be so bad because of my shoddy workmanship (less to rip), but on the navy one, i actually made a waistband facing and sewed the hem by hand. it took me all the way through Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, hemming that skirt. maybe i will just wait and see if i get fatter first. ben & jerrys, here i come.


  1. Fabulous work!

    And there's somebody who knows how to ask for socks. Impressive.

  2. I think it was all part of Spicy's master plan. ;)



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