Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Half-assed Book Review: Knitting Lingerie Style & Knit 2 Together

i don't normally buy crafty books until everyone else already has them. i comb the interweb for as many previews and reviews as i can find, so that i can be armed with information. hence, by the time i get around to purchasing and then reviewing, most everything has already been said. but just in case you are even later to the party than i am, i present another half-assed book review.
Knitting Lingerie Style
I recently picked up Knitting Lingerie Style after reading so many good reviews. Here are a few.
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To these, I will add my two cents. First, the bad. I'm sorry, but it must be said. What the hell is this?
Knitting Lingerie Style
ahh. i'm glad i got that off my chest. Fortunately, that feathery number is the only item in the entire book that made me cringe. I did feel that some of the designs weren't shown to their best advantage in the photography. For example, this skirt is gorgeous, but WHY is the model wearing nought but her hair up top? very ill-advised. i'm frightened at the number of knitwear designers who feel that long hair covering naked boobies is a good idea, especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with the knitted item itself. this comes to mind. but i digress. i felt that some of the designs just weren't knit in very appealing colors, or modeled with good outfits. The brown square-neck empire-waist top is a good example. my first thought upon seeing it was, "ugh, boring," but then i realized that it was a nice design, just not shown very well worn over a tshirt. i felt the same for the ruched cami. it might be really pretty layered over a tank, but no one outside the stripper industry is going to wear a sheer mohair cami in public over a flashy bra. and for *insert deity*'s sake, put some pants on.
Knitting Lingerie Style
The great thing about the book is joan's writings on the history of lingerie. i really enjoyed reading it. another major plus is that she gives advice on how to wear the garments outside of how they are modeled. you know, just in case you feel like putting on a shirt with your skirt rather than letting it all hang out. it also has very clear schematics and a blurb at the beginning explaining how the garment is constructed. other little details, like which size the models are wearing in the photos is handy. of course, the sizing range is excellent, but that has been said before. many of the designs don't take a lot of yarn, so you can either splurge on that luxury yarn you've had your eye on, or make a beautiful garment on a shoestring budget with less expensive yarn. there are so many designs that i really loved. i can't decide what to make first.

i took advantage of amazon's 80% off sale, and bought Knit 2 Together for $5.50. this book is definitely worth $5.50. to me, it is worth it for this vest alone.
Knit 2 Together
i must say that i never would've thought about buying this book it if wasn't $5.50. the cover duo sweater is beyond ridiculous. however, upon browsing through the book, i was very pleasantly surprised.
Knit 2 Together
There are quite a few simple knits that would make nice gifts--similar to mason-dixon knitting. i can see myself churning out tons of felted slippers at the last minute. the range of patterns means that there's something for everyone, and okay--some things for no one, like the cover sweater and ruffled tea cozy. the conversational tone of the book isn't really my cup of tea, but it's not overbearing. the photography is colorful and it's nice to see some non-traditional models. and then there's the vest. oh that vest. it's disappointing that it's only in one size (36") and it's knit with something like 12 skeins of koigu, but i can see myself purchasing knitpicks palette and using slightly smaller needles.

Definitely worth $5.50. maybe even $10. at the time of this review, it's still on sale at amazon.

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  1. Yeah, I bought Knitting Lingerie Style too. While I love most of the patterns, I don't know what that... thing is, either.

  2. I dig your half-assed book reviews. I flipped thru this book at the bookstore this weekend after flipping thru "Fitted Knits." (which your half-assed book review helped me to view that book in a more constructive light)

  3. Great reviews. I love both of these books, but I am totally planning on making the ruffly tea cozy. It has wormed it's way into my heart and now I must knit it.

  4. Crap, hate it when I do that. K is me.

  5. Your half-assed reviews are way more useful than most fully-assed ones -- thanks!



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