Thursday, June 14, 2007

the cutest fabric in the entire universe

it all started with this piece of hedgehog fabric. and then i moved onto squirrels with umbrellas. and b/c it was on sale, and i heart things in threes, i went for the mother ducks with kerchiefs.

my first thought was purl bee swatch portraits, as i have this painful blank wall in my living room that is asking for coverage. but then i thought, i have oodles of quilting books. i could stop being a wuss and make a quilted wall-hanging. maybe something like this?

i have a 1/4 yd of each. i'm open to suggestions. right now i'm too busy dying of cuteness.


  1. I like that wall hanging. That's a great idea.

    That fabric was so cool! I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with sewing, but I would have been very tempted to buy that fabric!

  2. The quilted wall hanging looks great. Maybe you can put up a swatch wall until you're done designing your quilt? They're likely to provide mucho inspiration!



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