Monday, June 25, 2007

cleaning has never been so exciting

so i have a two bedroom apartment. the second bedroom was supposed to be my craft room. however, due to the fact that i'm a huge slob, the "craft room" was really more like the place where i hid everything when i cleaned the rest of the place and didn't want anybody to see my mess. this weekend, i picked up all the crap off the floor, (mostly) put things where they belonged, and washed and organized my fabric stash. yes, i laundered the entire thing. since much of it had been in storage for years, i figure it needed it. plus, now when i want to use something, i don't have to wait til i've got a load of laundry to wash the fabric. i can just cut and sew.

i learned a few things. either i need to get a larger organizational shelving unit, or i need to sew faster, because i arranged my fabric by color on a tall bookshelf, and it's crammed in there like a pack of sardines. i'm currently using cardboard boxes to hold my scraps. and i haven't touched my yarn stash in the closet, which is currently overflowing and still rather scary. obviously, i'm just keeping the door closed and pretending the mess doesn't exist.

but now i'm excited that i can actually craft in the crafty room. so i started my first quilt.
Outside the Box
i'm doing "outside the box" from the modern quilt workshop. i'm making the wall hanging size. maybe if i actually finish it, i can hang it on my crafty room wall.

i figure for my first time out, precision is more important than speed. so i am cutting and piecing one block at a time. for one thing, there's no way i could keep all those loose pieces straight if i cut them all out in the beginning. for another, i can't read directions, and i keep cutting the wrong dimensions and having to recut. better to screw up one a time than to mess up all the blocks at once. i figure i'll stop wasting fabric any day now. there's nine blocks, so the plan is to make mirror images of the boxes and frames except for the single block with the cranes, which will go in the center.

the white fabric is heavier than quilter's cotton. i didn't realize that it had lines on it before i started cutting. it's a pain because i have to make sure all the lines go the same direction. but it was in my stash and i have 5 yards of it, so i might as well use it up. gotta make more room.


  1. oh wow, that is going to look awesome! I love the boxes and the fabrics you're using so far. So cool.

  2. I love the design of that quilt. The off center forced perspective fabric frames are cool.

    Hooray for a craft room! I have one too, and it sure needs an organizing session.

  3. Craft room, neat! (Literally! ;))

    Diggin' on those quilt squares!

  4. Wow! You're doing a fantastic job for your first quilt - I'm obsessed with learning to quilt right now, but I can't cut accurately for $hit...

  5. I love that design too! It's like an Attic Windows on acid!

  6. Your fabrics are lovely and will make a great wall hanging. Enjoy your craft room! :-)

  7. I'm totally into quilts right now, I can't wait to see how yours comes together, I like the bright colors you're using. - zuma

  8. If you can close the door, you still have room to fill!
    Recently my wife had our son-in-law remove the closet doors so she could put floor to ceiling shelves.
    A friend volunteered to help organize her crafty room (knitting and embroidery.)



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