Thursday, June 07, 2007

approaching the finish line

all i have left of my dad's socks is the toes, and then i will be finished. all together now, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh." also, my steady knitting on cozy kind of crept up on me. i measured last night and i am at 64". i plan to knit to the specified 67" and then call it quits. so i'm almost done with that one too. who knew?

i like the rhythm of having three projects at once. the mitered square blanket, something for me, and something for someone else. once i finish my dad's socks, i need to make a quick gift project, and then it'll be onto spicy's wick socks. i hope that my next me project will be the surplice bodice camisole from knitting lingerie style. i'm making an effort not to buy more yarn, but i have one major hole in my stash, and that is i don't really have any summery yarns. i was thinking about going to the local thrift shop, but then i remembered that on my last thrift store trip, i picked up two cotton sweaters to frog and then forgot about them. i got a nice deep grey gap sweater. i think i should have enough yardage for the top. i'm picturing it over a pink tank with a pretty pink ribbon for the waist. so problem solved. the other sweater is navy blue and i think it might work for the shaped lace tee. i really like the idea of recycling sweaters, and i should try to do it more often. now i just have to find time to actually do all of these things.


  1. The shaped tee is simply gorgeous! I love that pattern!

    You are a quick knitter!

  2. Ooh, grey and pink will be lovely.

  3. I love the 3 project system too. Always the right thing to knit, whatever the situation.

    Can't wait to see the FOs. You really are fast!

  4. See? Now you can gift those socks on Father's Day if you want to.
    I ordered that lingerie book based on your review. I like small Lacey project and scarves can really get tiresome.

  5. I do love that shaped tee!!! Thanks for the book reviews! :)

  6. Your system sounds good, but I like to have something interesting, something mindless, and something portable. Makes me ready for anything.

  7. Those are great patterns! I'll probably resist buying the book and cave once I see one of your FOs from it!



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