Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yarn Coma

so i completely forgot that i ordered yarn until it arrived in my mailbox yesterday.
Trekking XXL #126
How easy it is to forget how much i desperately needed this limited edition colorway #126 in classic candy colors, and how little knits just happened to have this exact colorway and for cheap too.

yes, i did say little knits. i have made my peace with the shop. the key, i have found, is to never order yarn from there that you want right away. if you forget that you ever wanted it, it eventually arrives on your doorstep as a nice surprise. sue was also kind enough to wave the $25 minimum.

so now it goes into the stash, waiting to become knee socks of self-stripey goodness.

Block #4
i finished another block. it's been raining, so unfortunately the lighting was pretty poor when i took the pic. the colors are a little off, but i did the best i could. the red is much more burgundy red wine and less brick red.

i really need to start using blues and purples. that'll be next.


  1. Isn't it funny how it turns out we don't in fact desperately need the yarn we just couldn't live without a couple of weeks ago? Sometimes, this isn't true, and the yarn was in fact essential to my happiness. But sometimes...

    I just wish there were a decent way to tell which times are which!

  2. I am a sucker for the colors. I went directly to littleknits to see exactly what I was missing out on. I haven't placed that order yet, but I did make selections. There's No Hope For Me. ;-)

  3. I have that same skein of Trekking! I hate waiting for yarn, but I hardly ever "need" it..well once I did! LOL! I like that squares you are knitting so far! Cool colors! :)



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