Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Souvenir Yarn

Lane Cervinia
This may look like your run-of-the-mill sock yarn, but I assure you it is not. Spicy looked up lys in the adirondacks and took me on a detour to the only shop listed. (sadly i cannot recall the name, but it probably doesn't matter, as will become clear)

We turned onto the specified street and saw the world's vaguest sign. the sign seemed to be pointing us towards a rustic house. There was a man outside in the yard tending to a very large barking dog. Spicy kept a safe distance and called to the man from the car. he pointed up this steep hill. so up the hill we drove, searching for the yarn store. we meandered through many twists and turns and couldn't locate it. finally, this lady in a red car stopped and we asked her for help. spicy told her we were looking for the yarn store, and she chuckled. she said she would take us there. we drove to this house/storage-type facility. she told us that she used to own the store, but that she had sold it. everything was a mess until the man who purchased the place came along and sorted through everything, but it was ok to look around. she let us into this tiny room with yarn stuffed in various places.

unfortunately, the selection wasn't great. there was a lot of encore and lionbrand magic stripes. spicy asked her if she had Great Adirondack Yarn Company sock yarn, and she scoffed, "Adirondack yarn? never heard of it." she then went onto to say, "you want adirondack yarn? i make adirondack yarn. look at this yarn that i spin." she showed us some pretty nice stuff, but she said it was not for sale. then she showed me some yarn she had made that she called, "fake cashmere." i was afraid to ask what fake cashmere was. after some time of tentative looking while she gave me a hard stare, i figured i had to buy something, so i picked out these two skeins of sock yarn.

eventually she warmed up to me, because she asked me if i needed needles or instructions and i told her i'd knit socks before. she asked me my method, and i told her i do 2 at once using magic loop. she said she preferred the 2 circ method, but she had never knit 2 socks at once before. i gave her a brief explanation, and she said, "well, i've never heard of that. see, we just keep learning from each other." so she was a kindred spirit after all.

and now my souvenir yarn will go into my stash to someday become socks for spicy.


  1. I don't camp--me & nature don't really do well when left alone--but you guys look like you had fun. How cute is it that Spicy looked up the LYS in the area? Although it turns out to have been a slightly weird experience, I'm guessing you'll never forget the story with that yarn. I hope Spicy enjoys those socks. :-)

  2. Wow. Now that's a great story to go with some seemingly innocent yarn.

    YOu could tour the country and write stories of back woods yarn adventures!

  3. Souvenir yarn is the best! Especially when its acquisition involves weirdness in some form or fashion.



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