Saturday, May 26, 2007

Second verse, same as the first

so i loved the first dress so much that i made another.
Cabo dress #2
XS Cabo halter with size 10 skirt from Simplicity 4994. 2 yards of kona cotton in buttercup. this time i was much more intelligent about the layout and managed to cut out the whole dress in yellow, plus i had about 1/8 yd leftover.

i made a few mods from last time. i gathered the front instead of pleating. now that i've done it, i think i like the pleats better. i also added some darts to the back of the skirt. it reduces the baggy butt-back slightly but it's still there. i'm not sure how to fix it. i know the problem is that my waist is much slimmer, hence the baggy portion, and my ass is filling out the dress pretty snuggly. i'm open to suggestions.
Cabo dress #2 back

figure-wise, the solid is much less forgiving than the print. it's a little sheer, even with the bodice lining, so i have to wear proper undergarments. but i'm still pleased with the results. i am thinking about trying another version in a more flowy fabric with a fuller skirt.


  1. How sweet those dresses are. I love that print one. Sorry I cannot be of help with the pattern.

  2. Very cute! Love the yellow!

    Hmmm - what if you put the darts closer to the zipper and made them longer (about mid-cheek)?

  3. Fab!! Looks great on you, yeah, try what weezalana said! It might just work. Maybe baste/pin it first then try it on! Good luck

  4. Both the dresses look really, really cute. No tips for baggy butt-back, but really it isn't very noticeable. Hope you get to wear them a lot this summer!

  5. I bow to your killer sewing skills and your ability to pull off the color yellow.

    I wish I was able to do both!

  6. Very nice. I'm bowing next to Bezzie. I still haven't had the nerve to dust off my sewing machine to try my hand at it again. How about making the top seam of the skirt point slighty down so that when you sew it to the top it pulls up the slighty saggy section? I like the darts closer to the zipper idea too.

  7. Two fantastically beautiful summer dresses! Well done.

  8. Wow, both versions of the dress are stunning! Looks like you're all set for warmer weather :)

  9. these dresses are wonderful! ps. I have not forgotten to send you the ball of Sonata I have, I've just been side tracked. I should get it in the mail this week...sorry for the delay!



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