Thursday, May 17, 2007


Wild Wools is closing up shop. *tear* it was not the closest yarn store to me, but it was the easiest one for me to get to. for being so teeny, it had a nice selection of luxury yarns. i dropped by after work yesterday as they were having a closing sale. i was actually a bit disappointed, as many things were already gone.

i managed to pick up the last 2 skeins of black blue sky cotton. they are different dyelots, but i doubt it'll matter. i'm planning to use it with my khaki blue sky cotton to make knitandtonic's essential stripe sweater. i was imagining wide rugby stripes.
Blue Sky Cotton
i also picked up 5 skeins of rowan harris DK. it's a deep purple tweedy 100% wool that looks and feels very similar to yorkshire tweed. i was thinking about making a fall vest, like veste everest or maybe fad classic. i haven't decided yet.
Rowan Harris Tweed DK
i got everything for 50% off, which makes me kind of sad they didn't have more stuff. but it's probably for the best. when i got home, i had a package in the mail from biffd. she sent me some yellow rio de la plata to make felted roses. i need more apartment decorations.
Rio de la Plata
finally, here's a progress shot of cozy. it is a little over 3 feet right now. i'm on my 5th skein of yarn.
Cozy in progress
i'm going camping with spicy tomorrow and i'll be back sunday night. happy weekend, everyone!


  1. It's so sad when a great yarn shop goes out of buisness. You did pick up some great deals though!

    Have fun camping!!

  2. Nice yarn scores! Fad Classic is on my list as well.

    Have fun camping!

  3. yummy yarns! I checked out their site but couldn't find the sale.... ;(

  4. Nice shopping! I would be so very sad if our LYS closed... we only have ONE nearby... the next is a half-hour drive away! Hope you're able to find a new favorite.

  5. HOly cow you're fast on the Cozy!



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