Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On the rudeness of strangers

so saturday afternoon, i'm in the checkout line at wegmans with my headphones on, and the lady in front of me does, to be fair, look slightly unhinged. she kept going all loopy and smiling and laughing for no discernable reason. it is probably important to note that i am not a friendly person. i try not to talk to people unless i absolutely have to--leave me alone and i will do the same. so imagine my agitation when the loopy lady turns to me and says, "wow, standing next to you makes me feel really TALL! hahahaha." i just stared at her in disbelief. did she really just say that to me? but she couldn't stop there. oh no. she said, "how tall are you anyway? you've got to be under 5 feet." i continued to stare with dagger eyes and nodded. my curt reply did not phase her. she then added, "wait, lemme guess. you must be...4 foot 8?" i corrected, "4 foot 10." then she giggled some more and kept on staring at me even though i turned away from her and tried my best to ignore.

i was dumbfounded. i really wanted to reply, "oh? standing next to you makes me feel really SKINNY!" or "standing next to you makes me feel really YOUNG!" or "standing next to you makes me feel really SANE!" but i did not say any of those things because my mother taught me to be polite. i find it especially annoying because people say things like this to me all the time, and they seem to think that i should take it as some kind of compliment. i do take it most of the time with as much grace as i can muster because i *am* very short and it goes with the territory, but i'm sorry--it is not a compliment. it definitely does not warrant follow-up staring and foolish grins.


i watched The Descent last night with spicy and worked on a new lace project. the lace won out over the movie, so i didn't understand what the hell was going on much of the time. "ooh, new lace project?" you ask?

(this is where my progress picture would go if i had one. damn dead camera batteries. huh-huh--b@tt4r!33s. respeck)

i got really irritated that this cascade indulgence has been in my stash for such a long time. i bought it to make a pretty, comfy, fuzzy pullover, but later changed my mind. alpaca and angora might be soft and fuzzy, but they are very very hot fibers. and then i couldn't find a satisfactory cardigan pattern, so the yarn sat in my stash and stewed.

as a new knitter, i made cozy as an xmas gift for a coworker. i had no idea how to knit lace, and i made it with lionbrand woolease because i wanted it to be easy care. (i know--please forgive me) she never uses it, and i kind of forgot it ever existed.

then i became enthralled with weezalana's stashmina. they've already started with the completely unnecessary AC at work, and it gets brrrrr cold. i could really use a warm and fuzzy and soft mini-blankie to wrap up in. and so, Cozy #2 was begun.

i love knitting with indulgence. it is a bit splitty thanks to my #7 options and it sheds a bit, but it is so soft and delicious. i don't want the knitting experience to end. except that i do, because then i can wear the shawl. i am using the charted lace pattern and i find it much easier to follow than the written directions. i added a 3 stitch garter edging but am otherwise knitting as written. my goal is to try to knit about a foot a night and be done in a week. i probably have about 3 inches right now. yeah it probably won't happen, but it's good to have goals.


  1. That is just SO rude!! I must admit I said stuffs like that all the time, but only to my close friends, most of the time while hugging them so I really hope I'm forgiven.
    I've never seen cosy in fuzzy yarn before, can't wait to see the pic ;)

  2. People say stuff like that to me all the time except they are referring to how tall I am. We should organize a retaliation against all people of moderate height.

  3. Don't you wish you could follow the train of thought that led to the idea that that was an appropriate thing to say? I give you props, though, for taking the high road!

    Can't wait to see the Cozy!

  4. It's funny you know, I've never noticed how short you are! ;-)

    :::running away from dagger eyes:::

    Some people just say the first thing that pops into their heads without thinking. She was anxious about something and blurted it out on you.

  5. Man that is rude. Makes you wonder what she would have said if she was next to a little person or something.

    Wonder what she says when she's in line in front of someone mentally retarded or missing a limb.

  6. I think you should probably be grateful she didn't think it was OK to touch you. Here in the southern climes people are very touchy-feely which is usually OK with me but can still be creepy when its someone you don't know. People are weird.

    That yarn is lovely and I'm sure that the Cozy #2 is going to be phenomenal. (Yes, I sweat the stashmina too. Maybe one day I can be that cool.)

  7. Oh man, I wish I could come up with stuff like that to say *when* the rudeness occurs. Usually I'm like, "um, um, ok." Then, hours later, I have the perfect come back.

  8. I always steal batteries from the remote for emergency photo sessions. In fact, for about two months I think those were the only live batteries in the house.

    also, your imaginary retorts *cracked* me up. I bet the skinny one would have wiped the crazed smile right off her face.

  9. Ignorance shows too many times in people!

    Your cozy should be very lovely like all the things you knit!

    Take care!

  10. I'm on the short side too, so I hear comments every once in a while, but not often from strangers! How rude! Good on you for keeping your cool!

    Can't wait to see your Cozy...

  11. That lady was really random. I do tease my friend sometimes (only the close ones) but only because she told me she doesn't mind at all.

    P.s. that Cozy looks really.. cozy! =)



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