Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just checking in

i haven't had a lot of time this week to work on anything. i learned that i cannot knit lace when i have more than one distraction around (spicy + movie). not even very simple lace. i'm going to have to tink back cozy a few rows til i figure out my mistake. sigh. the last time i measured it the stole was 50 inches long, and i'm on my 6th ball of yarn. i was aiming for 6 feet, but i may stop at 5. i've read in various places that the appropriate length is either your wingspan, or a foot longer, depending on how you want to wear it. but since this is my first me shawl, i don't really know how i want to wear it. and now the weather is supposed to be hot again, so i can only work on it after the sun goes down.

i have knit 3 squares for Block #7. i did a quick project status check, and at my current rate, it will take me 3 months to finish all 36 blocks. i'd like to pick up the pace a little bit, but i'm not too far off my goal, since this is my big summer project.

i sewed 2 skirts, but they are both slightly too big. basically i'm an idiot and cannot take correct measurements of my body. i'm going to wash and dry and hope for a little shrinkage. it probably won't work--it never seems to, when you want it to. i'm also working on a pair of linen pants. i just have to sew on the hook and eye closures and hem the cuffs.

i really need to kick into high gear on my dad's socks. i haven't touched them for almost a week. double sigh.


  1. It's so true that stuff never shrinks when you want it to. Like all those times people handed out free shirts in L or XL and told us they'd shrink in the wash. Maybe, but not down to a small! But all those pants that were just barely the right length when I got them? boom, shrink in the wash.

    Good luck getting your skirts to fit right. is there some way to take the waist in if it doesn't work out?

  2. Nah, it's hard taking measurements of yourself!!



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