Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i want to stop, but i can't.

so i've slowly been updating my projects and stash to ravelry. i got through all of 2007 and then moved onto 2006. i then started selectively including things from 2006 because holy crap, i have made a lot of stuff. it's exhausting. it's a whole lot of going back and forth between ravelry, my blog, and flickr, and realizing that i haven't been as organized as i should've been.

it's actually a lot like when i first bought my ipod and had to upload all of my music and remembering that it took FOREVER. but boy was I happy when i was done. a little at a time is the way to do it, i suppose.

i only knit half a miter last night. spicy came over and i showed him what i've done so far, and he said, "you're making a blanket out of this? you must have a lot left to do." i told him that i had 33 more blocks to knit, and he said, "wow. you better get to it then or you'll never finish." thanks for the vote of confidence.

i just found out that wild wools is closing. :-( they are having a sale starting tomorrow. i think i might have to stop by.

i just realized that my submission was published in Yarnival. Check it out--lots of great stuff this time.


  1. I'm mainlining the Ravelry crack as well. Slowly but surely I am adding my projects to it, growing every more addicted.

  2. I was too late to score an invite to Ravelry, can't wait until they open it up to everyone!

    *sigh* Boys.

  3. I know what you mean about Ravelry, it's so addicting! After I past my last deadline I'm planning to spend DAYS putting in my stash.

  4. Yeah. Ravelry. I love the idea, but am kinda peeved that it only takes Flickr pics! I have to transfer from blogger to flickr to ravelry...em, maybe maybe....one day...when they give me more time!

  5. Gah! I just want to START! I'm waiting (not so) patiently for my invite.

  6. I'm not loading everything I've knitted - just the stuff I'm proud of. This weekend I might try to tackle my stash.

  7. You certainly have made a lot of stuff! Nice to have it all 'cataloged'.



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