Thursday, May 24, 2007

i hate these socks.

Gentleman's Fancy Sock
There, i said it.

but first, the bad thing about being away for awhile is all the crap you have to catch up on when you come back. as i was going through bloglines, i saw all the "5-6-7-whatever" memes going around, and i started feeling a little left out. that is, until i got to suzannabanana's blog and realized that she had tagged me. oops.

so here are seven random things about me:
1) i'm a slob. i have always been a slob. shame is the only thing that makes me clean--usually in the form of visitors. i clean when i don't want others to see the way that i live. i sometimes have a party in order to give me an excuse to clean.
2) i'm addicted to craisins. they are the perfect mid-day snack.
3) i have a scar on my left shin from a second-degree burn i suffered due partially to idiocy. i fell on turf playing ultimate frisbee and scraped my leg, and then the next evening, i fell on wet concrete and scraped the same leg because i was wearing impractical footwear. my leg got infected. it was an unpleasant experience.
4) i have a bad eye. my right eye is twice as nearsighted as the left.
5) both of my cats are declawed in the front. in the region where i currently live, declawing cats is considered horrible cruelty. in the region where i am from, everyone does it. i don't see the big deal, and i never will.
6) in real life, i am very quiet, and i have a dry sense of humor. i'm the one who will say nothing and then pop in with some sarcastically witty comment out of nowhere. this tends to freak people out, which is why i try my best not to talk while i'm at work or in front of strangers.
7) i'm really boring, and i kind of like it. i hear other people talk about their drama, and i realize that certain things that happen to other people just don't happen to me. like, it's very unlikely that an ex-boyfriend will ever burn my stuff. or i don't see a drunken brother-in-law peeing himself in front of my kids anytime soon. i've never been in or witness to a bar brawl. i don't sue people for strange reasons. that kind of thing.

that was really hard. if you were bored, i'm sorry. i'm not a big believer in tagging others. i'm lazy and i really do think everyone else has done it besides me.

the socks are for my dad for father's day so i absolutely have to finish them on a deadline, but i utterly loathe the pattern with all of my being. 2x2 rib is my worst nightmare. i have to say that so far, knitting vintage socks is not granting me much sock satisfaction. perhaps it's likely that i am just picking the wrong patterns. if i ever finish the cuffs, i am knitting a plain foot. also, i think that my kp 32" circs just aren't long enough. that is probably another contributing factor. i should get a longer addi lace circ since i do like the pointiness. any hints on where i can find one?


  1. Not boring at all, (I laughed over # 7) but really if you've read Knottygnome at all you kind of already know about number 6. ;-)

    Your dad will probably love those socks.

  2. I hope to never see anyone peeing themselves unless they are babies.

    Hee hee

  3. If you ever want some drama, I'm sure a bunch of us could come over, get drunk, burn some fun fur, and tackle each other trying to steal your sock yarn... ;)

    I'm using Addi Lace 1s on a pair right now and the pointy tips are rockin' my world. I got mine at my local lys, but I think Little Knits carries them (now that you've made peace with their shipping delays).

  4. I love those socks. The yarn is very handsome. Your dad is gonna love love love them. You are so ambitious with the knitting. You go girl and get them done.........and then show us more squares :) I love seeing them.

  5. These aren't addi lace, but I just found them and they are wonderful and not too expensive. Nice and pointy and they go as big as 60"



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