Wednesday, May 02, 2007

hold my stuff

i heart kitchen cotton. it's cheap, comes in many colors, and you can make so many useful things with it, like this Saturday Market Bag from magknits. i've been wanting to make a bag to take with me to the farmer's market since christmas, but i just now got around to it.
Saturday Market Bag from Magknits
i knit mine using less than one skein of lionbrand kitchen cotton. i used #13 denise circs for the lace, and #8 knitpicks circs for the border and handles. i used the 2 handle modification from disdressed.

i made a few other mods as well. i knit the bag in the round on 70 stitches. i knit top down and closed the bottom seam using kitchener stitch. i only did 5 repeats of the lace pattern. because i used smaller needles and fewer repeats, the bag turned out quite small. it does still hold a 10 pound bag of rice (and the attention of my cat).
Saturday Market Bag filled
i plan to make at least one more larger bag for me, and probably a couple more for gifts. next time i will probably cast on an odd number of stitches and knit as written, because although there will be a visible seam line, it was difficult to keep track of where i was on the lace pattern over an even number of stitches. i will continue to use the #13s and #8s, but will CO a few more stitches (maybe 81) and will knit the specified number of lace repeats. i will also make the handles (i'll keep the two handles) a few rows longer. lastly, i will use the 3 needle bind off for the bottom seam instead of kitchener stitch, because it ends up looking the same, but is less fiddly to execute.

i'm pretty happy with this. it only took me an evening to knit, and now i'll have a cute red bag to take with me when i go to the market this saturday.

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  1. What a great, quick knit! Red is the perfect color for this project.

  2. Very nice! I've always loved that pattern, but I don't think I'll like using it since I hate floppy bag. But yours look super cute ;)

  3. that's so cute! i've been wanting to make that pattern too for a while. yours makes me think i should bump that pattern up on my list! :)

  4. Great bag! I'm also very impressed it holds 10 pounds! Perfect for Farmer's Market shopping. Off to add it to my list...

  5. I made one too and modified the heck out of it. I dig what you've done with it.

    Don't go too long on that handle! Mine stretched beyond all belief!

  6. Very cute. The comment about it holding your cat's attention cracked me up.

  7. Well I have gobs of kitchen cotton - even giant bobbins - from my washcloth knitting frenzy last year. I think I'm done with washcloths, so thanks for the idea - I'm going to print off the pattern (who knows when I'll make it.....)

  8. Hmmm, I was just thinking about how I need a market bag. I LOVE yours.

  9. Love the color! I decided not to knit mine in the round because I thought the seams would help support the shape and any weight it held. I'll be curious to see what your final verdict is after you've made it both ways. And I agree with Bezzie re keeping the handles short. I ended up tearing out extra rows and re-assembling.



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