Thursday, May 03, 2007

am i the only one who doesn't *get* sock clubs?

ok, i know you usually get "exclusive" stuff. and i'm sure it's exciting to receive regular yarn packages in the mail when you least expect it. but why would you spend ~$250 on yarn and/or patterns that you may not even like? plus i feel like i would be stressed out all the time, like i have to get through the club yarn before the next shipment arrives! and a lot of these clubs are one particular brand of yarn only, and i'd much rather try different yarns then stick with the same ones all the time.

i dunno. i'd much rather spend a little every other month or so to buy whatever yarn i damn well please in colors that i like. and it's not like i don't own 5000 patterns and books that i haven't tried yet. actually the last time i talked to my mom on the phone, she kept trying to talk me into letting her buy me a book, and i was like, "please, mom. i have so many patterns on the list already, the last thing i need is more." and then i couldn't believe that i said that. but there it is.

i just realized about 10 minutes ago that i did the stitch pattern for the saturday market bag incorrectly. i forgot to translate the purl rows to knit rows, since i was knitting in the round. oops. i'll remember next time.

i am thinking very seriously about purchasing some lisa souza sock in gendarme, since i've wanted it for practically forever. i'm just undecided whether i should get sock or the sportweight. i'm also debating whether i should really get it because i've been looking over the photos of my sock stash, and it's in a pretty good state right now, meaning i could knit up at least 17 more pairs and do i really need more? but of course i do. i always need more. there are some of those skeins that i don't even want to knit up. i like them so much that i just want to take them out every once in awhile and admire them. and maybe hug them. and then put them back in their color-appropriate baskets. and now i've said too much.


  1. No, you're not the only who doesn't get sock clubs. I feel exactly the same way you do about them. I do get exclusive stuff, I get 'Mag's Choice' and that is so exclusive as to be custom made. 'Exclusive' is a marketing ploy anyway and we're beyond all that, right? :-)

    The Gendarme color is pretty, it looks like it could be a candidate for another set of 'pet' skeins of sock yarn. ;-)

  2. I'm with you on the sock clubs. Exclusive or not, the cost per skein and risk that you'll get some colorway you'll hate is not worth it. I'd much rather spend that kind of money buying more sock yarn in colors I'll want to knit up. (Yeah, yeah, people say you can always swap or sell, but that's such a PITA.)

    Sock yarn doesn't count as stash. Get it. hehehe...

  3. I totally agree with you. I would also feel pressured to finish each pair of socks before the next showed up. And really, I don't knit that fast, so I'd be stuck with one brand of sock yarn during the whole duration of the club. No thanks!

    I'll admit that some of the yarn is gorgeous, but even so it's not always what I'd want to knit with.

    And speaking of too many patterns on the list, the new IK is supposedly on its way. Squee!

  4. Shoot, I just wish I had that much money to spend as I wish period! I myself would never join a sock club, but power to the people cashing in on 'em!

  5. The guarantee that there will be soft yarn waiting for me at least every other month is always alluring. Luckily, the cost is what keeps me from succumbing to the deal. If it were substantially cheaper to get all those yarns & patterns I would be all over it. As is, although you get colors first or a few unique extras, it doesn't seem like enough of a perk to shell out that much cash at once. I'll stick to shopping around for a sale.

  6. I don't get sock clubs either. I'm too worried I won't like the color schemes. I'm with you, I'd rather just buy the yarn when I feel the need :)

    On the other hand, if someone had a sock club where you could pick the colors and actually saved you money, I'd do that :)

  7. I'm of the same mind regarding sock clubs... I am somewhat picky about my sock yarn, so there's pretty much no way I'd be happy ever month. And what an investment! $250 up front, and then you have to take the yarn whether or not you like it?! Not this girl. I do see the appeal, but it's not for me.

  8. You are right on the sock clubs...I'm rethinking the whole thing - seemed like a good idea at the time. (although something in the back of my head kept questioning it).There is something wonderful about making your own choices on pattern/yarn combinations.
    I'm in 2 of them - I like the one that has different yarn by different companies each month and a fabulous designer and you pay monthly (not much more than the skein of yarn costs) The other club - not so much, but I'm in it now and I'm knitting those socks!!



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