Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This is why Sara does not wear trendy hats

Cheesy Knit Wit: My mother gave me a subscription to burda world of fashion for a year--from 2005-2006. i did not renew because it is pretty expensive. i find it to be a huge pain in the ass to trace the patterns. i have to be really motivated to do it. and the instructions tend to be brief and not that clear, as i believe they are just translated from german. and a lot of the patterns are beyond my skill level. for example, i'd love to make my own winter coat, but i don't see it happening in the near future. the difficulty range goes from intermediate to very advanced. however, if you are willing to actually USE the magazine, it definitely is worth the price. there's something like 40 patterns per magazine, and many of the styles are pretty classic, along with some trendy pieces in each issue. if you do subscribe, you probably won't need to buy any patterns for a long time. hope that answers your question.

so about trendy hats:
Le Slouch from knitandtonic
Pattern is Le Slouch, from knitandtonic. i used some leftover knitpicks wool of the andes in tulip, on a #8 inox circ. i knit the pattern in stockinette (and just wear it inside out) and made the length 7.5 inches. i also knit on #8s throughout, but i wish i had used #6s for the ribbing. the yarn bloomed a lot in the wash and is much more drapey than it was off the needles.
Le Slouch back
this was an experiment to see if i look like an idiot in slouchy berets. the answer is definitively yes. i had to do this weird side part that my hair does not normally want to do. i would not wear this hat unless you have bangs. or curly hair. i am very tempted to use Wendy's suggestion in the pattern notes to turn this into a felted bowl. in fact, if you think that you will not look like an idiot in the hat, or you have the need for a pink felted bowl, send an email to knottygnome [at] gmail [dot] com with your address. i'll send it to the first person who asks for it. and god help you.
Some Assembly Required sock yarn
on a slightly better note, i dyed up the Some Assembly Required yarn that zknitter sent me. i used food coloring and a lot of vinegar. i am only ok with how it turned out. i had to use a lot of food coloring in order to get the color saturation i wanted. and my naming inspiration has failed me. what should i call it?

the hat has been claimed. thanks


  1. I don't think you look like an idiot--it looks totally cute on you! It does look like it might fly off in a moderate breeze, though. But shouldn't we suffer for our fashion?

    The yarn--its looks brown and blue on my monitor. Cerulean brownie?

  2. How about Rusted Steel? Disclaimer: I work in a s/s manufacturing plant, so I am a bit partial....

  3. Thanks. You told me what I needed to know about the magazine.

  4. How about Bluebird?

  5. Aw - from the front I think it's super-cute! From the back, I'm almost surprised it stays on your head... but with a little less slouch, you could totally pull it off.

  6. I believe that hat is too big for you my dear!

    I have the same exact complaints about Burda pattern magazines. The cost, the tracing, the deciphering...ugh. Sewing time is too precious for all that.



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