Thursday, April 05, 2007

no surprises here.

it's april. it's 26F outside and there's snow on the ground. but i'm not all that surprised. i do kind of want to shout an "in your face!" to spicy jesse, who way back in early march assured me that spring was here to stay. actually i'm pretty sure that right after he said that, we got blanketed by another snowstorm. who's been living here for almost ten years and recalls snowfall during her outdoor graduation ceremony in late May? yes, it was me.

anyway. the white linen burda dress is finally dry and still needs to be ironed. but i refuse to put it on til it warms up again. it may be awhile. i'll keep you posted.

my order from the knithappens sale finally arrived. i kind of wish i'd bought more. i got 10 skeins of noro kureyon in 90 and 4 skeins of cascade 220 in Christmas Red. the cascade 220 is for a kitty pi bed. it is definitely time to retire this monstrosity, which is now pretty sorry looking and only big enough for one cat at a time, aka Wyatt's Ugly Kitty Bed.
Noro Kureyon in 90
Cascade 220 in Christmas Red
the kureyon is becoming a Satchel from knitty.
Satchel from Knitty
i desperately need a new work bag. i'm knitting the larger size on #13 denise circs. i've used nearly 2 skeins. the colors are a lot darker than i thought they would be, but i'm fine with it. i need to search my stash for some pretty coordinating lining fabric.

i misread one of the comments yesterday about naming my new yarn. i mistakenly read "Bluebird" as "Bluebeard." and because i think that "Bluebeard" is a funny name for a skein of yarn, that's what i'm calling it.

the lorna's laces love was short-lived. i traded the blue skeins for a skein of socks that rock. i'm keeping the funky stripe for now. my world is gradually returning to its regularly scheduled programming. to thine own self be true


  1. Oh well, I know I bought much more that you did!
    The cascade 220 was sold out by the time I got there though, lucky you!

  2. I got to the sale way late to get anything of note. Good score on the Noro. I don't think I've ever seen a version of "Satchel" that I liked, but yours is looking pretty good to me!



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