Sunday, April 29, 2007

Needs no introduction

Babette's Blanket
Babette's Blanket from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2006. Begun May 2006, finished April 2007. Blanket is 50" x 44.5" unblocked. I used an F hook throughout.
Babette's blanket finally finished
The yarns i used for this project include:
knitpicks essential
lionbrand woolease
blue sky organic cotton
sirdar dk acrylic
debbie bliss cashmerino
knitpicks shine sport
lionbrand microspun
patons grace
sugar n cream cotton
knitpicks crayon
patons kroy
shepherd's baby wool
lionbrand kitchen cotton
cascade fixation
trekking xxl
debbie bliss cathay
mystery baby acrylic
euroflax linen
mountain colors bearfoot
Babette in its natural habitat
i used non-feltable yarns from fingering up to heavy worsted. the blanket needs a good blocking. because of the different weights of yarn, it's a bit lumpy. the trade-off is that i used only stash yarns for this project. it may be no koigu, but it sure used up a lot of leftovers. i chose colors based on the names listed and substituted new colors as i ran out of the old ones. some of the squares clash, but overall they blend in a harmonious manner.
Babette's Blanket
my preferred method of construction was to begin with section 1 and work my way up through section 10. i seamed the squares together as i went, and then seamed sections together as i finished them. there is no way i could've kept track of loose squares and i probably would've lost my mind if i'd waited to seam them all together at the end. one thing i would've done differently--i would've started with section 10 and worked my way backwards. each section grows larger if you start from the beginning, and i got tired of the project as the number of squares in each section increased.

the granny squares are very easy, since the project is all about color. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to a beginner.

i love this blanket. it took me almost a year, but it was worth the boredom. would i crochet the same pattern again? no.

but i'm very glad i made this one.

Yuvee: i weaved in the ends in as i crocheted. it really wasn't all that bad.

and now i know that i'm insane. i just bought 20 skeins of elann sonata to start a mitered squares blanket. i'm taking the advice in the MDK book and starting with a color "sampler" and then i will purchase more colors in batches as needed. i really do need more colorful blankets in my life--i have 2 beds to cover. i might be nuts but i have a purpose. i promise.

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  1. Wow, that is AWESOME! I love the colors, they are bright but they all work together... wanna make me one next?? ;)

  2. Wow. That is some serious effort and time. It looks SO great.

  3. Wow, that thing is huge!! And pretty and colourful!
    Did you weave in all the ends? Even imagining it makes me cringe ;)

  4. I love all those colors!!! So geometric, and so crazy at the same time.

  5. I love all the yarns you used!! I think the colors go great together!

  6. Oh neat! I really like how that turned out, which is saying something because I normally don't like how crochet looks. Great job!

  7. It is so cool looking!!!! I love the color combos. Just think how snuggly it will be when it is cold!

  8. That is really, really awesome!

  9. It's amazing! I have the utmost respect for anyone with the patience to a) stick with a project for that long, b) finish a blanket!

  10. Looks great! This blanket makes me smile every time I see it. Probably partly because I didn't have to make it ;-) but the colors are just so happy.

  11. Those three letters, W, O, W are all that suit the blanket. I haven't seen the pattern before, so it looks like a masterpiece of contemporary design to me; a moderne granny square blanket if you will. I assume you did the color selections, and that is what makes it so perfect! It would do beautifully in any Crate and Barrel sparse interior! In short, I love it!

  12. Wow-you are done. You are one lucky girl. What a beautiful piece of art to have in your possession.

  13. I LOVE THAT BLANKET. That is so awesome!!! It's so crazy and colorful and random and beautiful. God, and it's huge. Fabulous!

  14. oh. my. god. that is freakin' HAWESOME! i love it!!!

  15. great blanket- so colorful. i imagine taking a picnic on it, or cuddling under it, either way, gorgeous!



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