Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm in allergy hell.

it happens every year. i am allergic to the world, and yet i insist that i don't need medication until i wake up and realize that i can't breathe. i think i may be at that point now.

anyway. here's the white linen dress i made awhile ago.
Burda WOF 05/2006 113A
picture from the side in order to purposely obscure my shoddy craftsmanship. pattern is from Burda WOF 05/2006 113A. i can't recall the size that i cut out, but that size was at least two sizes too large. i had to take deeper seams and cut off a lot of fabric. i cut out the pattern at the end of summer last year and finally sewed it up. this project was pretty frustrating to sew due to the sizing issues, and i really just wanted to be done with it. i left the length a bit longer, around mid-calf. i did not line the dress, but fortunately i own a full slip (thanks, mom).

oh yeah, i picked up interweave crochet yesterday. i really like the beachcomber tunic, the seafoam vest and the slouchy purse. spicy really likes the cover jacket, and at first i thought he was nuts, but maybe in a less baggy size it wouldn't look so 9 months pregnant. and the thought of owning a lightweight linen jacket for summer is appealing. i'll have to think on it.

i'm tired and cranky this morning, so i'll leave you with a lazing Ellie pic. look at her poor little barren belly. her fur never grew back after her Lady surgery.
Ellie loves the warm weather

see all project entries on Burda world of fashion 113A


  1. I love white dresses; however, if I was to dare to wear one, my ass would look like the size of Texas.

    I think the dress is very pretty on you. Your dark complexion can pull that off!

    I hope you feel better. Have you tried Singulair? It works wonders for me!

  2. Ah, spring. I love trying to look nice in lightweight, flowy clothes while my eyes water and my nose runs.

    Very pretty dress! Hope your meds work out.

  3. I love the dress. I need to get back into dresses for summer. Mind you, I've been saying this for years and still I'm wearing tacky shorts, tank tops and flip flops.
    I'm getting my sewing machine repaired and have taken my serger out of its case thanks to the influences of your blog and K's.

    And like K said, you need to try out some of the newer allergy Rxs. Some really do wonders without heavy side effects. I have "Flonase" spray for when the pollen is at its thickest and it is great. You have too much to do to waste time suffering. Those allergic reactions in your body is what is making you feel so tired and sluggish.
    (OK, I'm done being your 'mom' now. :-)
    What a lovely little kitty!



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