Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i love my cats, but sometimes i want to kill them.

i walked into the kitchen last night to fill my water glass. i left my knitting on the couch. when i came back, less than a minute later, this is what i found:
Kitty Destruction
it took me most of the evening to detangle it. i just don't understand how they can make such a horrible mess in such a short period of time. oh well. i'm over it now.
Child's French sock
i had a little bit of time left to actually work on the socks. i'm trying to achieve inner peace on the pooling. it's definitely not as bad as lorna's--at least it has that going for it. i concluded that the fire on the mountain much be mediumweight, because...
Socks that Rock Lightweight
i got a skein of lightweight in the mail through a trade. this colorway is "alina." the yarn looks just a little thinner than the fire on the mountain. which is probably a good thing because i'm having kind of a difficult time knitting the child's french socks with #1 circs.
Satchel pre-felting
i finished knitting satchel and i've run it through one wash cycle. it didn't felt much at all. i am hoping that next time it will shrink more. pre-felting--the bag is huge.
Magnets from Crafty Alien
and finally, i got my kitty magnets in the mail from crafty alien. she also sells the cutest felted animal kits. 2 of the kitties look like my monsters. she's a great seller--i highly recommend her shop.


  1. you've got some serious knitting skills. you ever make them for gifts? if so, i'd love to know the details. daniel@danielkbrantley.com

  2. yikes, that must've taken you hours! I once had to spend 3 hours detangling yarn.
    But all those colours....it couldn't be that painful looking at them all the time ;)

  3. Just looking at that first picture makes me want to run screaming into another room (and maybe straight for a glass of wine).

  4. I came back to my couch tonight to find my circs gone - in my portuguese water dog's mouth. My beautiful size 4 addi naturas. They were completely devoured, the joins and cables all that were left. I want to kill too, but it is me I need to hit with a rolled up newspaper...

  5. Oh nuts! Those silly kitties!

    I just recently realized that you can order of of BMFA's website- duh! :)

  6. I can't wait to see how the satchel turns out, it looks like a great pattern! I have done two felted bags out of kureyon, but I've never run them through a straight cycle. I always put them in with a pair of jeans and some rubber balls, on hot, and check every 5-10 minutes, resetting the washer, until they're felted enough. It's taken 20-30 minutes in the past. Good luck!

  7. I got the LeSlouch yesterday in the mail! Thank you so much! It is way too big for my head, so I turned it into a really neat gift bag. I put some gold braid through it.

    Thanks again!

  8. Yep. My kitties are the same freakin way. Too many times. You'd think by now I'd have learned my lesson, but no, every once in a while I chance it.

    And I get the same yarn-carnage.

    Love the kitty magnets!



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