Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i have SKB envy

i saw this finished Simple Knitted Bodice on flickr and now I Wants One. and gee, the kits are only $150 at kpixie. i really heart the Ruby Wine color. and the sparklies. oh, the sparklies.

i'll just be over here in my corner, envying sparklies.

btw, i'm knitting jarrett on #5 and #6 addi turbos. yeah, good thing i started it now. i've only got 2 months.

i almost ran out of yarn on the child's french socks. i have one toe left to finish and they will be done. thank goodness.


  1. I think you can buy just the pattern, and then make it out of yarn that isn't... I dunno, made of solid gold or something

  2. Hey, I just sent you an e-mail prezzie!

  3. My friend made an SKB in Ruby Wine with the Disco Lights as her sparkly yarn, and it's beautiful. The color is way stronger than you'd think it'd be. It walks into the room and shouts RED!!! But it's gorgeous. Not that I'm encouraging you to make one for yourself out of the highly wearable and very comfortable silk yarn, which we've already determined will grow with wear, so you know you can knit the very smallest size and save some money on the bundle...no, not that I'm encouraging that sort of thing at all...



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