Sunday, April 01, 2007

i got yer WIPs right here

so spicy jesse was out of town and i've been craftily productive. sort of. i have three FOs to show, but this post is all about the Works In Progress.

Lizard Ridge first panel
first up: did you recall that i'm knitting a lizard ridge? i'm taking my own sweet time about it, because i want it to be finished by november. i have one more square to knit on this panel, and then i can wash and block it. hopefully it will then lie nice and flat and i won't have to get creative with S's.

Capecho from Vogue Knitting, Winter 2006/2007
Spring is here. so what does that mean? it means that Sara is still knitting winter sweaters. though to be fair, this one does extend into spring nicely. or it would if i'd finish it. i have two more pentagons, a second sleeve, and the collar to knit. plus i need a button. fortunately, thus far it does appear to fit.

Basketweave crocheted handtowel
this was a new one i started because i got bored with the others. it's a lionbrand kitchen cotton handtowel. i'm using the crocheted basketweave stitch pattern from the sourcebook of knitting and crochet stitches and an H hook. it's pretty mindless and works up quickly, so it is a good placeholder for when i'm sick of everything else.

Anthropologie capelet
and finally, here's the anthropologie capelet. i reworked the numbers for worsted weight yarn, and replaced the ribbing with garter stitch. i'm ready to divide for the sleeves. this one is also non-mentally taxing, but i get bored after a few rows. i'm not really in a hurry for this one either.

so there you have it. i also found time to dye the sock yarn that Zonda sent me, and i haven't even shown you the stuff i finished this weekend. i obviously had a case of crafty ADD, but a little progress is always better than none.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see when the Lizard ridge is no longer an S, I'm sure it's gorgeous!

  2. Ooh that Anthropologie Capelet reminds me of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. It's gorgeous. And what are you waiting for on the sweater/shrug?! It's so cute! Git goin' girl!

  3. I love Lizard Ridge and the shrug is going to be gorgeous, I can just tell. As is the rest of the stuff. Can't wait to see the FOs!



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