Monday, April 09, 2007

horribly ugly crisis averted

i'm almost finished knitting satchel. i have about half a strap to go and then the felting.

all i have for you today is a spicy jesse story. you may recall that i had a bad day at work a few weeks ago, and spicy picked me up and took me to a yarn store. there he bought me a skein of artyarns ultramerino that later became these socks.

last weekend, he was out of town visiting the area where he went to college. while there, he stopped by a local store and saw a bin of yarn that was on sale for a very low price. the idea struck him that he should pick some up for me, as it was such a great price, and his girlfriend was such an avid knitter. then it occurred to him that this yarn was not like the yarns at the LYS where we had shopped before. thanks to that previous experience, he also had some idea of the cost of good yarn, and he figured that the price of this stuff was probably too good to be true. and so, luckily for me, he refrained.

he could not recall the brand name of the yarn, but i'm envisioning giant skeins of garish acrylic (he said the colors were really loud). he said that a lot of it seemed to have a weird texture.

"Novelty yarn?" i said.
"yeah," he said. "that sounds like a really good way to describe it."

and then i had visions of skeins and skeins of fun fur, waiting to attack me in my sleep.

if he had purchased it for me, i don't know how i would've reacted. probably my eyes would've grown big (for me) and i would've mustered a, "...thanks," while i pictured what tragic accident could befall in the near future to rid me of the yarn. maybe i could stage another kitchen fire. it's been a month or so since the last one.

instead, he bought me a cast-iron skillet set and a nalgene flask. thank goodness my boyfriend has good sense. that's all i have to say.


  1. wow, this guy seems like a keeper! ;) No crap yarn and a skillet AND nalgene?

  2. Wow that could have been really ugly. TONS of furry horror! Glad that crisis was averted!

  3. Sorry, but when I read halfway I started imagining you taking him to a yarn store and he pointed out the yarn that he didn't get and it turns out to be noro or something. Highly unlikely, but i do have a wandering mind. Skillet set? Wow.

  4. I don't know what I would have done if the guy I was with bought me crap yarn. I did have a guy buy me a book of ugly crochet patterns. He thought...knitting, crochet...same thing right? Yeah, that didn't last.

  5. You are just too funny. Hey thanks for reminding me to knit ma some socks for mothers day. I am well on my way and she is just gonna love it. But without your blog I may have forgotten to get on it. And since seeing your Lion Brand magic stripe socks, have also been on a mad search for that yarn. I still think its amazing. I sooo love striping as compared to the pooling and all mixed upness of so many yarns. Happy Knitting!



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