Sunday, April 01, 2007

Flash Your Stash 2007: Sort of Like Last Year Plus a Few

My Stash 2007
here's last year's post if you are interested

well well well. in a year, i have acquired and destashed a lot of yarn. so it appears that the end result is that i have slightly more yarn than last year, and fortunately, i (mostly) have yarn with a plan. (other than those shifty skeins that just can't make up their minds on what they want to be. we all have some of those). despite my mental insistence that i have less yarn than last year, the numbers do not back me up. oh well.
more info can be found by browsing the photoset

i have 146 balls total. this does not include partial cones. that is up 16 skeins from last year.

I have enough whole skeins to make:
17 small projects (summer top, shrug, scarf, bag, baby sweater, etc)
16 pairs of socks
7 sweaters (counts as something that covers your top half and has at least 3/4 length sleeves)
5 lace projects

33 skeins were in the stash in 2006. that's 23% of my stash.
13% of the stash is sock yarn.
i no longer have any full balls of acrylic in my stash.
i have orange yarn this year.
i have a lot of blue yarn.
my most recent yarn acquisition arrived in the mail yesterday. it was an RAK from LizzyBennet, and it contained several balls of Patons SWS.
Patons SWS in Natural NavyPatons SWS in Natural Earth
thank you so much! i'm sure i will put it to good use.
i have 14 more skeins on their way to me from the knithappens sale. my order finally shipped. i also traded the CONE for four skeins of sock yarn. but those won't count til next year's tally. that's the story i'm stickin' to.


  1. It is all very nicely color coordinated :) If I ever move one of my requisites is room for a decent stash. I have...stash envy.

  2. I really like your color coordinating too!

  3. I love how it's sorted by color and you know how many projects you have in there. I'm afraid to try that with mine. Lovely colors too!

  4. How very organized with all the color coordination. MAkes me want to reorganize my stash.

  5. Yes, I love the color coordination! Nice yarns there! :)

  6. Nice!! I don't want to think about how many potential projects I have :)

  7. Love the color coordinated baskets - with stats to boot! A girl after my own heart. ;)



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