Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ding-Dong, the Dreaded Socks are Done

Child's French Socks
i hate pooling. to be fair, this is sort of somewhat not heinously ugly pooling, but it's still pooling. here is what saves the socks in my mind: the pattern. i thought that the highly textured Child's French Sock could be a good match for all the rainbow-y colors, and i think it works fairly well. check out the nifty heel patterning:
Child's French Socks
Pattern is Child's French Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks. i used almost one entire skein of Socks that Rock mediumweight in Fire on the Mountain. 2 socks at the same time on one #1 knitpicks circ. the socks were knit as written, except that i think i did fewer heel flap rows. i probably should've eliminated a few stitches, as the socks are a little baggy, but oh well.

i am waiting to reserve judgment on the yarn until i've worn them. the socks are nice and cushy feeling, but if i were to knit with mediumweight again, i'd go up a needle size, as the yarn was a bit thick for #1s. i'm also unimpressed with the yardage. i have small feet, and the cuffs are only 8 inches, and i almost ran out of yarn. and the lightweight has even less yardage.

and then there's the colors. oh, the colors. i really do think this is one of the prettier pooling socks i've seen. i definitely don't hate them enough to rip them out, but i'm not thrilled with the result. can i just be "meh" about them?

i am almost done with sleeve #1 on jarrett. i've had to break into the second skein of yarn already. this sweater is going to be HUGE.

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  1. You can totally be meh about them...

    I like them, but I think there might even be too many/too much color piled into one skein.

    I really want Noro sock yarn. Don't you?

  2. Those are your 'party like you don't give a damn about pooling' socks now! They are well crafted and I am proud of your for finishing them and not frogging. ;-)

    I've moved off buying multis completely now. Too bad I have fifty billion skeins of multi this and that in stash. Beautiful in the skein, a crap shoot on the needle and in FO. The people who dye this stuff and sell it know we are suckers for the colors. It's true. :-)

  3. I'm also in the no more multis camp... after being disappointed so many times by weird pooling and mismatched socks, I have given up. I'll do semi-solids, but unless it's extraordinary I stay away from handpainteds.

    Love the pattern you chose! They look like comfy socks :)

  4. I especially love the back of your socks. Very pretty. I have got to learn that Magic loop are soooooooooooo fast with that knitting girl.

  5. The back of the socks are for sure my fav part. Yea for finishing!



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