Friday, March 23, 2007

Sweet sweet caffeine, i shall never leave you again

so i made the foolish decision to quit consuming coffee. yesterday was my second consecutive day of caffeine deprivation. i was kind of ok in the morning, but by mid-afternoon, i had a migraine headache and i thought i was going to throw up. all i wanted to do was go home, take some ibu, and crawl into bed to sleep through the pain. i managed to check my mail first. here is what i found:
RAK from Z
i got an RAK from Z! she evidently knows about my felted purse kick, as she sent me some feltable patons classic merino, some kickass purse handles, and some chili fabric. she also sent me a skein of undyed sock yarn. thank you so much, Z. you really improved my crappy crappy day.

oh, and btw, she also sent me 2 little samplers of flavored coffee that are not pictured because i've already torn into them. oh coffee, how i've learned my lesson.

i also managed to lie down for awhile and then knit a little bit for the first time all week. i ripped out the ill-fated jaywalker and started another pair of widdershins. i'm trying something new this time--2 socks on 1 circ. i really like it so far.

Quick question: how difficult is it to knit 2 socks on one 32" circ? can it be done, or do i need a longer needle?


  1. Eek! I didn't know you were cutting out/slowing down on the coffee, sorry...the first few days are hard I know..well I hope to never know again! Glad you liked everything! :) Hope your feeling better!

  2. No coffee?!? *gasp*

    Did you brew the packets or just pour the grounds in your mouth? (The avenue I would have gone with after two days sans caffeine.)

  3. Oh, and I've heard that 32" can be a bit tight for two socks at once, that 40" or longer is better.

  4. Good - it wasn't just me that couldn't leave a comment!
    SO - as I said in the email ....I am using a 32" circular needle right now to knit my pastel socks - 2 together on one needle and it is working just fine!
    They are Crystal Palace Bamboo and have a very flexible cord so that helps - I usually use a 40", but have so many socks going right now that I had to resort to this one.
    Anyway - it CAN be done without any trouble.



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