Thursday, March 01, 2007

Send Me On My Way

so you may not believe this, but last night i was debating the best way to start my felted bag, when i finally just threw up my hands, buttoned down, and actually finished knitting BPT. i left off the hood, b/c i realized i already own a green hoodie. now all i need to do is wash and block and find a zipper. i'm so relieved i finally got that one out of the way. so i made 4 sweaters this winter after all with time to spare. i ended up starting the bag too. AND i did some of my laundry. woo, productivity!

but anyway, Rusted Root is all done.
Rusted Root
Pattern is from Zephyrstyle. i made the smallest size using 4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay in lilac and a few yards of cream for the trim. i knit with #5 knitpicks circs.

here's the back:
Rusted Root back

you can see it a bit more clearly in the photo of the back, but this pattern specified M1 increases, instead of KFB. i really like the look of the M1 much better. it looks more like a seamed sweater. i will definitely be using this method of increasing again on raglan sweaters. i used mirrored M1R and M1L.

i knit at a tighter gauge than specified because of the cotton and silk content in cathay. to compensate, i probably should've knit the next size up, but oh well. i'm a little sad that the sleeves aren't very puffy, but i like the contrasting trim. originally i had planned to knit long sleeves, but once knit up, i realized that the resulting fabric would be weather inappropriate for pretty much every season if i had long sleeves. so short sleeves it is.

i really like the softness, sheen, and drape of cathay. it is a little splitty, but once i got used to it, i snagged a lot less. i would definitely use the yarn again for summery garments. i have enough cathay left in pink, white, and purple to make another top--maybe the one in 3 colors in SNB crochet.

and now the moment you've all been waiting for:
Denise is the winner of the contest! Denise, you get the Fire Engine Red yarn. i am unable to access your profile, so i can't email you. Please email your mailing address to knottygnome [at] gmail [dot] com.

if i haven't heard from denise by monday, i'll draw a new winner. thanks to everyone for playing!

Liz, i'm having trouble answering your question in regard to the difficulty of Rusted Root. in my experience, zephyrstyle patterns are cute, but maybe not the most sophisticated. ms. marigold and glee did not have any waist shaping, and the shaping on rusted root is a little simplistic and strange, in my opinion. i would've liked to see a chart for the lace pattern, but even without one, i'd say it's pretty easy to follow. if you haven't done any lace before, try knitty's branching out. the lace pattern in RR is fairly similar to BO. i guess i would say that Rusted Root is pretty easy, but if you haven't done a top-down raglan before, you might want to start with something else. hope that helps.

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  1. I like it WAY better without the puffy sleeves - yours is much prettier than the original!! I like your color...the white trim -EVERYTHING....Beautiful!

  2. That's SO cute. And damn, four sweaters in, what, four months? That's a lot of sweaters!

  3. I think that's lovely! Also like the contrasting colours.

  4. I LOVE it!

    I love the contrasting trim and the color too. Its very cute on you too.

    You're a sweater wonder! 4!

    I agree about the M1 increases, it does a nice job of faux seaming it.

  5. That is so cute! I think that with the contrasting trim and non-puffy sleeves, it looks really polished.

    (Also, I love the reference in your title, though for years I thought the song was called "Semi on a Whale". Oops.)

  6. Fab dahling!! I too like the sleeves on yours better than the pattern. How difficult would you say this pattern is (I've never done lace)...because now I want one!

  7. I didn't like Rusted Root when I saw it on the Zephyr site, but seeing yours makes me want to make one! Probably because I hate hoods. Anyway, great job--it's gorgeous!

  8. Rusted Root looks awesome on you. You are a sweater making machine! The contrast edging is a really nice touch. Awesome job.

  9. Wow I like your sweater alot.....but yeah.... wonder why the sleeves are not puffy. I did like that alot. Oh well its adorable anyway. Your jamming out the knitting. Amazing.

  10. Great. Now I have that song stuck in my head and I must get up and DANCE! Wheee!

    RR is so cute on you! Great job!

  11. I LOVE what you've done with Rusted Root! The fit, the sleeves, everything about it is perfect. Great job.

  12. That looks fabulous on you! I think it looks better sans puffy sleeves. Less girly, more sexy. ;)

  13. Wow! I love the color you chose and the cream colored edging! Beautiful!

  14. Thanks for answering my question in your post! I've had problems with other people leaving comments as well but I don't know what's wrong. I bought the pattern and (since I did knit branching out) I'm ready to give it a go. Just as soon as I do green gable. Thanks again!

  15. What great colors - perfect for summer! I gotta get on the Zephyr train...



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