Friday, March 09, 2007

Prepare to be Dazzled!

but first, you have to look at one of my FOs.
BPT front
i finally got some ok photos of BPT. i used kelly green cascade 220 (the CONE!), i don't really know the yardage, but i'd say less than half of the 2200 yards, smallest size, #8 inox circs. i really don't like inox in larger sizes. they were cheaper than addis, but clunky and i didn't like the cable.
BPT sans hood and zipper
as you can see, i made quite a few mods. i knit 2x2 ribbing on the collar, cuffs, and hem. i eliminated the hood, partly because i was lazy, but also because i found a green hoodie hanging in my closet and figured i didn't need more than one. i also decided to leave out the zipper because i like the casual relaxed look of it open.
BPT back
i enjoyed knitting this for the most part. i learned how to incorporate cables on the raglan increases on a top-down sweater. the pattern as written was a little hard to follow, but once i wrote out written instructions line by line for the increase portion, it was much easier to keep track of what i was doing. there was just enough cabling to keep it interesting, but not enough to make me crazy. cascade 220 is nice to knit with and feels fine for a cardigan, but it is a little itchy. again, i think i am getting more itch-sensitive these days. i'm happy with the sweater overall, but i guess it's not one of those jump outta your seats and swoon kind of knits. but enough about that.

i got my knittyboard sock exchange socks in the mail! Kate is my sock-knitting hero.
Kate is my Hero
look at these absolutely gorgeous elegant lady's evening stockings from knitting vintage socks. they are so lovely that i can't think of anything else to say about them except, WOW! she also sent me the cutest card, the leftover yarn for repairs, and some dark chocolate. check out the shaping on the back.
sock exchange socks
thank you kate! you were the best sock-pal ever, and i love these socks. i truly appreciate all your hard work, and i'm already trying to plan an outfit around the socks so i can show them off. if only it would warm up 20 degrees or so.

see all project entries on BPT


  1. BPT looks great! I like it without the hood (I love hoods but they take forever for me to knit!). :)

    Those socks are fantastic! Lucky you! :)

  2. Wow! I never liked BPT, I think because of the hood and the varigated yarn they used. But yours is AMAZING! I love the mods you gave it!

    Love those socks too!

  3. What beautiful work! The socks are impressive as heck to me!

  4. Love the sweater -- congratulations on a beautiful job.
    FAB socks -- WOW!!!!

  5. Both the socks and the sweater look great!

  6. Wow, those socks are fabulous - and knee socks with calf shaping, she must know you well! ;)

    The sweater came out nicely too - it's classic and wearable. And the burning question... whatcha gonna do with the other half of the cone??

  7. Holy got those socks from an exchange??!? You are a VERY lucky girl--they are awesome. Your sweater is very cute too. I love the color.

  8. I love your version of BPT...beautiful in green!!
    The socks are gorgeous....your exchange pal took this exchange very seriously - a lot of time and effort went into those!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! The cardi looks great on you, and the socks are just stunning... I love a good sock swap!!!

  10. Your BPT looks so preppy! I love it ;)
    The socks are awesome too, lucky you!

  11. I could have sworn I responded to this post last week. There I go, putting up comments in my dreams again. :P

    The sweater looks great! Gorgeous color and excellent fit! And I am in awe of those fabulous socks.



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