Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a lesson on why one should not set things aside

so last year, i was searching for the perfect white summer dress. i eventually gave up in despair, because i have a terrible time finding dresses that fit me properly. i'm always too short, and sometimes i'm too flat or too skinny, but can also be too curvy or have too much butt. or not enough butt. and even though it doesn't seem possible, sometimes i feel like i am all of those things at once.

i found a dress pattern that i liked in the 05/2006 issue of burda magazine patterns. btw, if you can ever get your hands on it, that one is a great issue for dresses. there are at least 2 more that i want to make, including a jersey wrap dress and a stylish shirtdress.

at any rate, i traced and dutifully cut out the pattern for 113, a linen v-neck sheath dress with a pointy yoke. i even bought a zipper. but once i had traced and cut out all of those pieces, i was exhausted and set the fabric aside to sew another day. i kept meaning to pick it back up, but eventually it grew cold outside, which is probably not the most accommodating weather for a white linen dress.

i dug it out last night and ironed out the pieces. and man, it is taking forever. i got through everything except putting on the facings and finishing the top, but the stupid thing is too big. i tried it on and it hangs on my body. so i need to take in the side seams probably 1.5" to make it more form-fitting. i would say it's the pattern, but it is very likely that i just cut out the wrong size. but since i can't remember what size i traced, and i'm too lazy to unfold the giant road-map pattern sheets to figure it out, i suppose that i will never know. it doesn't matter all that much, since i'll probably never make the same dress again. i had a terrible time getting the pointy yoke to be pointy. i finally gave up and left mine more rounded. the dress is supposed to be knee-skimming. well, mine is more ankle-skimming. i probably need to chop off at least 10 inches. are all germans amazons? why did i not make all of these adjustments before i cut out the dress? i have no idea. i hate being short.


  1. i'm 5' tall even (you could use me as a measuring device it's so exact), and that is why i hate sewing. i just don't understand altering enough to make things fit. i tried a fitz pattern a few months ago, and eventually figured out if i chopped like 8 inches out of the torso, it would fit perfectly... not that i've gotten around to fixing it.

    but, doesn't being shorter mean sweaters take less yarn? ;) ahh yeah. your pants drag on the ground but your yarn cost is a little less. it allllll evens out...

  2. At least you know how to fix it right? I guess that's not terribly comforting right now. I don't know how to alter anything so I have to check petites and hope they're not too short or just wear regular length clothes with heels. I'm sure it will look great when you are done.

  3. Sorry to hear your dress is giving you trouble... I'm short too, and plus-sized to boot, so I totally understand your frustration. Luckily my mom was a fashion designer and I can always run to her for help with my sewing projects! Hope you're able to figure it out.



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