Monday, March 05, 2007

is there anybody out there?

so this weekend, spicy and i watched The Departed, and we had a long discussion about the cover of Comfortably Numb in the movie, and how Pink Floyd supposedly doesn't normally let people cover their songs. and then i pointed out that the assertion couldn't be true, because Scissor Sisters did a (very excellent) cover of that song, plus wyclef did Wish You Were Here a few years ago, and then i made my big confession that i don't like Pink Floyd *ducks*, and i guess i'm pretty fortunate that Spicy already likes me, otherwise we'd be throwing down. or something.

the movie was pretty good, but VERY VERY long.

anyway, um, denise never got back to me. so it's time to draw a new winner of the contest. and that winner is...Sarah (teleknitter)! so Sarah, you win the Rainbow Sherbet. denise, if you ever contact me, i'll still send you the Fire Engine Red. remember, my email is knottygnome [at] gmail [dot] com. it's frustrating to have a giveaway and not be able to give anything away.

i've been spinning in circles in Project-ADD-land. i started about 5000 new things. i washed and blocked BPT and i've been wearing it around the house. i think that i am just going to be lazy and wear it open, because i kind of like it without the zipper. so i'll get around to photographs pretty soon.

i am almost done with a jaywalker in lionbrand magic stripes. i've knit 1.5 pairs of jaywalkers before, and you know what? i don't really like the pattern. i got it to fit my calf, but the ankle/foot is kind of baggy. and i don't like the way it feels--not stretchy enough for a sock. so i really think that this will be my Last Pair of Jaywalkers. i'm feeling sacrilegious today.


  1. You think YOUR sacrilegious.....I've never even made a pair of jaywalkers - I may be the only one in blogland! (I actually like them, but just have never gotten around to them)

  2. I've never made Jaywalkers either, and I don't think I ever will. They look nice, mostly, but it seems like getting them to fit correctly is nearly impossible. Also, I hate how they pool so differently on the foot and leg. So I'm just not going to waste my time. Take THAT, blogworld! :P

    Anyway... can't wait to see your BPT!

  3. Word. I am Jaywalker *and* Clapotis free. Just say no!

    Radiohead also does a great cover of Wish You Were Here. I think Thom Yorke sang the lyrics over the phone or something, so they have this great far-away quality... (And FWIW the Flaming Lips do a good cover of Radiohead's "Knives Out"...)

  4. Holy mother, I have sinned. I have never knit a pair of Jaywalkers. Don't really plan to either, as everyone comments on its lack of stretchiness.

    Well, if it's that frustrating, feel free to send it to my house. :D

  5. I haven't tried Jaywalkers yet. I feel like I should at least attempt to make a pair because they look so neat. If it doesn't work out... moving on!



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