Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the best laid plans

so i never shop at anthropologie. for starters, i don't have one locally. i really like their website. seeing all those clothes on the white dressforms makes me inexplicably happy. i adore the styles, especially their dresses, but their prices are incredibly steep. i saw this top online for $88, and decided it would be perfect for the cotton quilter's fabric i just bought from joanns. i'm leaving off the ties though--i have a feeling they would be really annoying to wear.
mint sprig surplice from anthropologie
i picked up new look 6515 for the surplice top. i am planning to modify the back to be a shallow V, like the anthropologie top (i would show you the back, but i can't find the image link). the skirt will be one gathered piece that meets in the center back, where i will insert the zipper, rather than having it on the side (which is the way it is on both the original top and the new look pattern). basically i'm putting the zipper in the back in order to keep the gathered portion as one piece instead of two. i don't know yet if that is a bad idea.

i got as far as cutting out the pieces yesterday evening, but i haven't sewed yet. i pinned the bodice together and it looks like i will need to add some darts in the back and perhaps taper the side seams to have a more fitted waist. the new look pattern has a finished measurement of 36" bust for size 8. that is one thing that annoys me about new look patterns. it's great that they include all the sizes in one envelope, and they are the cheapest patterns around, but they're so HUGE! or, more accurately, they include way too much ease while being devious on the pattern envelope photos.

i probably won't have a lot of time this week to sew, but hopefully i can get it done over the weekend. i'm excited to see how it turns out.


  1. I'd be excited too! That is a CUTE top! Hope everything turns out well.

  2. Wow, that top is really cute. Good luck with your sewing.

    Am I slow, or did you just change the blog template? I like it!

  3. Very cute. It actually looks like it's constructed in a pretty straightforward way. Can't wait to see how it turns out!



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