Tuesday, March 20, 2007

299 zippers of beer on the wall

well, here they are. that was fast. i got a nice range of colors and sizes. i'm quite pleased with zipperstop.
300 Zippers acquired 03/2007
take one down and pass it around...or use it to finish up your long forgotten sophie bag.
Modified Sophie bag from magknits
i made this Sophie from magknits ages ago, out of some cascade lana d'oro i got in a trade. i overfelted it, and the bag turned out very small. i didn't know the best way to close the bag, so i did nothing to it for a very long time. last night i whipped out a brown zipper and finished it up.
Modified Sophie bag lining
the lining is some cheap synthetic lining fabric that i got from my mom. i installed the zipper by machine and the lining by hand. i learned that i need to sew the lining lower on the zipper tape, because it gets caught when i try to unzip the bag. i'm glad that i finished it, but now i don't know what to do with it. it is unlikely i'll ever carry it. i'll probably save it for a last minute gift or RAK it.

i also finished up my top that i started over the weekend. i made another Butterick 4789, this time--the twist top version. i used some mesh knit printed fabric on sale from joanns. i used less than a yard of the 2 yards i bought, so i have enough material left to make another top.
Butterick 4789
after having made the dress, this version went together very easily. i made the smallest size (an 8?). i eliminated the back darts and left the sleeves and bottom hems raw, as the fabric will not fray. this is the part where i wish i had a serger so i could do a nice rolled hem. but i don't think it looks too bad as is.
Butterick 4789 back
the fabric is sheer enough that i need to wear a cami underneath, but it doesn't look as see through as the flash picture makes it out to be. i really like making and wearing this top, and i will probably make another version eventually, in a solid color.

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  1. Both look great! I love seeing more multi-crafters out there. :-)

  2. Both are so very cute! Whoever gets the bag should be well-pleased. I avoid lining whenever possible--I have no sewing skills.

  3. Holy cow that's a lot of zippers. Your shirt and purse are both fab. I wish I could sew...

  4. Oooh, nice pile o'zippers!

    Wow! Now, you have a lot of sewing to do.

    Thanks again for the yarn! I got it yesterday.

  5. Now that's a zipper stash if I've ever seen one!

    Great job on the top! I bow down to your sewing skills. I have a vintage (fancy way of saying old) Singer my mom gave me, but I can only sew a cushion cover. Badly.

  6. Dang, that is a LOT of zippers! Who knew you could have a zipper stash?

  7. Well, I went and bought me a crap load of zippers. I am going to start making most all my clothes, and thought I needed them. Ha!



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