Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2 socks = 1 pair

that's my story and i'm stickin' to it.
it's a pair alright

um, yeah. remember when i said i had project ADD? well, it keeps getting worse. i blame the sudden blast of single-digit temps. i *was* all ready for spring, but now i'm back to winter. i managed to finish one jaywalker (see how it bags at the ankle? ick). look how well it matches with my single Roza sock. they are both grumperina designs. i think it counts as a pair...if i were a colorblind five year old.

we *said* "Meh."

and then i started yet another project.

Norah Gaughan "capecho" from VK Winter 2006

so i know that many many people have failed at this shrug from winter VK, but i'm taking it on as a challenge. i'm using knitpicks elegance in fawn and #3 addi turbos. the pentagons are fun to make so far. i'll probably make like 2 more and then start something else.

because i have a problem.


  1. They look like a perfect match to me!!

  2. I have the same "problem". I lose interest after a while and want to start something else.

    Hey, it looks like a pair to me!

  3. Of course 2 socks make a pair. Any 2 socks. Look in my sock drawer, and you'll know I truly believe this.

    Can't wait to see how the shrug goes. Your two "tiles" look great.

  4. The jaywalkers are so pretty, even though they are baggy.


  5. i'm curious about the KP elegance... an alpaca/silk blend might do wonders for that crazy capecho. i've only knit with alpaca once, but it's got DRAPE. And drape, if nothing else, might be an improvement on that pattern..

  6. Matchy matchy is sooo last season. ;)

    If you lose interest in the shrug, the pentagos would make good boobie covers...



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