Wednesday, February 21, 2007

whatever can go wrong...

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you know perfectly well that the day i finally stop worrying about running out of yarn--i run out of yarn.
Yarrow Rib Socks
it's spicy's yarrow rib socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks. i used an entire skein of lana grossa meilenweit multiringel, plus some shepherd's baby wool in cream and some regia to finish the toe of sock #2. i tried my very best to avoid making it look too weird without having to redo both toes. you can tell me if you think i succeeded.
Yarrow Rib socks modeled
i knit 11.75" cuffs and 9" feet. i knit the pattern as written, with all the little quirks, which is why the heel (being on more than 50% of the stitches) doesn't fit me, but fits spicy perfectly. i love the toe shaping on these socks. is it a french toe? i can't remember.

other than getting bored with the pattern and running out of yarn, i rather like these socks. the meilenweit feels comparable with regia and other commercial sock yarns, but after working with fearless fibers and shepherd's baby wool for my last few socks, it feels pretty rough. i'm ok with this pair, but i will not run out and buy more unless specifically requested. i haven't gifted them yet, so i don't know how spicy is going to feel about the wonky toe. my guess is that he won't even notice unless i say something.

i finally got around to photographing my second garterlac washcloth, in crystal palace cotton chenille. i used less than one skein, and #8 aluminum straights. perhaps is it because i used the straights, but i did not enjoy knitting this pattern nearly as much this time. at least it finished quickly.
2nd garterlac washcloth

thanks for all the comments and interest in my contest. your fire stories are making me feel a lot better about my clumsiness! i think i may be picking up some fire extinguishers this weekend.

finally, i will leave you with a shot of my lizard ridge blanket. i am very nearly done with square #3. it is looking like i can get 1.5 squares out of one skein of silk garden. i really like how it looks so far.
Lizard Ridge progress

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  1. I did notice the toe, but I assumed it's just the case of self striping yarn. Still look great, I think.
    Your Lizard Ridge is looking awesome anyway ;)

  2. toes are conveniently hidden by shoes, right? no worries. lizard ridge is looking really good! is that one colorway of silk garden or are you using different numbers?

  3. I didn't see it - had to go back to look at the toe. I think you succeeded marvelously!

  4. Looks like you did an excellent job of disguising the fact that you ran out of yarn! Spicy is a boy. Trust me, he won't notice. ;)

    Nice job on the garterlac!

    P.S. I didn't share this in my fire post comment, but my mom set the stove ablaze twice. The second time, the light panels had actually melted and were dripping down onto the stovetop. Sadly, I had to hear about this secondhand as I was at school when it happened. Missed the cute firemen, too. Dammit.



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