Thursday, February 22, 2007

this is why i no longer listen to the radio

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so my officemate once discovered itunes and for a period of about 8 months, she listened to My Humps and Promiscuous Girl every frickin' day. i cannot tell you how relieved i was when she finally stopped. now she is onto listening to some internet radio station on her computer that broadcasts the same playlist every day. probably in the same order. i've heard GNR's Patience once a day for at least a month. How does she not go batshit insane? wouldn't it drive you crazy to listen to the same thing OVER and OVER? i am about to go postal. seriously--hide the guns.

*sigh* i feel marginally better.

in knitting news, i've hit one of those phases where i'm tired of everything i have going on the needles. to recap, i was supposed to knit 4 sweaters this winter. well, i've knit 2, plus 3/4 of a sweater that may never get finished. i am sick of the cold weather. i want to knit something for spring.

i've been looking more and more at the Dollar and a Half Cardigan from this spring's IK. i think i have decided to knit it in Candy Apple Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. the only problem is, i don't have the yarn. i am going to wait til March to order it.

in the meantime, i don't really have that much spring-appropriate yarn in my stash. pretty much all i have is some purple debbie bliss cathay that i've been searching for a project for practically forever. i finally came back to Rusted Root from zephyrstyle. i'd completely forgotten that this pattern existed, but i went ahead and purchased it, b/c i desperately need some novelty in my life. and i'm planning to do a couple of different things with it that i haven't seen anybody else in interwebland do yet.

oh yeah--lacey, I'm doing lizard ridge with silk garden #247 and #243. i'm alternating blocks. i'm kind of not that crazy about the purpley-khaki one by itself, but i think it blends pretty well with the other color.


  1. Rusted Root, what a cute pattern! I'm sure it will look great on you.

    Once I found an internet radio station that *seemed* great at first, but then I realized that all the songs were exactly the same. I mean, they were different songs by different bands, but they all sounded exactly the same. I don't know how you'd characterize the genre, maybe emo+beat+everybody has the same accent. Makes me sad.

    At least with my mp3 playlist, if all the songs are by the same fifteen bands and they all get played over and over, I already know that I like them all.

  2. I can't wait to see your Rusted root!

    The Sheep shed has Candy Apple cotton fleece on sale for $3.50 a skein. I want some, but I can't buy reds without seeing them in person, so I thought I'd pass it along!

  3. I am thinking of starting the Dollar and a Half Cardigan soon. I am just stumped on yarn choice. I really like Rusted Root too.

  4. i love the dollar and a half cardi... it was next on my list, but then i found a twinkle-appropriate yarn on sale, so the cardigan will wait.

    thanks for the lizard ridge info btw. someday, someday i'll get around to that thing.

    rusted root is alright - i knit it for one of my old roommates (not the one who caught the toaster oven on fire). i added some short rows and a little more waist shaping, but otherwise left it all alone. i hated the neckline (it's very square and sort of unflattering), i'm wondering if your mods will have anything to do with that...

  5. Does she have a birthday coming up? Maybe you can get her a set of headphones. :D

    Can't wait to see what mods you're planning to make on the Rusted Root!

  6. That rusted root sweater is adorable. It is very feminine with those puffy sleeves. And to me you knit like mad. I read about knitting more than I finish things. You are always finishing up something new..........that is awesome. And your dyeing yarn now too!
    As for music.......I would rather hear music at work than any of my co-workers voices. Can you wear your own headphones? Play your own that!

  7. Rusted root looks pretty.

    I find the Promiscuous Girl song offensive, and the My Humps song makes my brain shut down because it can't deal with the sheer stupidity. I think music with lyrics shouldn't be allowed at work!



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