Monday, February 12, 2007

some finished socks and a semi-rant

my knittyboard sock pal finally received her socks, so i can reveal them.
Knittyboard Sock Pal Socks Revealed
Pattern is Embossed Leaves from Interweave Knits. Yarn is fearless fibers merino sock in raspberry, less than one skein, #1 knitpicks circs using magic loop. the FF sock yarn is much thinner than koigu, so i knit 40 rows on the heel flap in order to make it a square, and i also knit an eye-of-partridge heel rather than plain stockinette. i did not break the yarn to knit the gussets. otherwise, i knit the pattern as written.

the pattern is beautiful, cleverly designed, stretchy, fun to knit, works up quickly, and i love the toe shaping. i want to knit another pair for myself someday.

fearless fibers yarn is soft and squishy. it has occasional bits of uneven fluff, and it may not hold up as well as some more tightly spun sock yarns, but it was great to work with. the yarn is very thin, perhaps as thin or maybe thinner than trekking. i probably should've knit on #0s, but i did not in order to save my sanity. i cannot adequately express how nice the colors are. the pinks have a nice variation that adds depth and richness to the socks, but doesn't obscure the pattern stitches. i will certainly be using this yarn again, as i have 3 more hanks in the stash. and you just can't beat the price. i have maybe 200-ish yards leftover.

i also got my spring IK in the mail, but i haven't really had a chance to look at it closely yet. my input on the new layout is that at first i didn't realize that the gallery of patterns were not ads, but otherwise it doesn't seem all that bad to have the instructions in the back. i really like the dollar and a half cardigan, but i probably won't knit it anytime soon. ditto on the entrelac socks. (i don't really have appropriate yarn for either) i may knit the cabled knee socks that are the web-only pattern next, with some more fearless fibers sock yarn.

i finished the garterlac washcloth and have been working on spicy's sock #2. i'm still kind of experiencing knitting doldrums. i'm tired of winter, i think.

and now we've come to the rant section of our program. i read a few weeks ago on the littleknits blog that sue was getting in 3 colors of silk garden. i emailed her to reserve a couple of bags because i wanted to knit an afghan. i never got a response. when i saw independently on the website that the yarn was in stock, i went ahead and placed an order. i received the canned order confirmation email. it stated that i would be notified when the order shipped. 5 days later, i had not heard any more, so i wrote another email asking sue if she had received my order and if she had the yarn in stock. i also mentioned that she could disregard my previous email. i asked specifically for a delivery confirmation, as i was having the yarn sent to my place of business. i never got a response. during the day, i work in an office that i share with the main secretary. i cannot tie up the phone. i also cannot use my cell phone during the day because i work underground. i realize that perhaps my emails may have gotten lost, but in my opinion, a place of business should have more reliable email capability. i did get my yarn today, but i never received any kind of notice that my order had been shipped (and therefore no tracking number), the promise of which was on the order confirmation email. sending a shipping confirmation is such a small step for the vendor, but it would be so much more reassuring for the customer. i do not understand why she doesn't do it.

i have noticed on various knitting forums that sue is quick to respond to people who post complaints about her service. i do not see a problem with this per se, but i personally believe that perhaps her time would be better spent actually addressing the problems and improving her business rather than browsing for complaints on the internet.

i want to like littleknits. certainly, i could not have afforded to purchase 3 bags of noro silk garden otherwise. but i am not very happy with her service, and i must say that i would need to desperately want the yarn to place an order with her again. and i definitely would not place an order if i needed something in a hurry.

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  1. Cute socks!

    That sucks about the yarn order. I've never placed an order with little knits, but i've often ogled their inventory and low, low prices. Keep us updated.

  2. Nicely done on the Embossed Leaves socks! I love that pattern, and the yarn you chose is gorgeous!

    Sorry you had such a dismal experience with littleknits! I've only ordered from her twice, and was happy with both experiences. That being said, I've never tried to communicate with her via email, and several messages with no response whatsoever (particularly from a vendor who relies heavily on the Internet) would irk me to no end.

    Service is key in my book, and sometimes you just get a goose egg. After two painfully frustrating orders with an OYS others rave about (let's just say it rhymes with lebs), I vowed never to shop with them again. Sure, they could save me a few bucks, but I am much happier dropping a little extra elsewhere for great service.

    Now, on a completely different note (since this comment isn't long enough :P), I'm quite intrigued by the fact that you work underground. C'mon, fess up - are you a spy? ;)

  3. Well, first off, the Embossed Leaves look fabulous! Yay Embossed Leaves! It's an addicting pattern and I'm already planning on another pair after my travel socks are done.

    Now, for the rant. Wow. I don't know what to say about that. You ordered BAGS of Noro. Not a couple skeins. BAGS. And she's ignoring your e-mails? That's crazy!

  4. Nice colorway and they look great! Lucky sock pal!



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